Staff management

Annoyed-looking man in a shirt leaning against a wall, lifting his glasses off his face.

Resenteeism: what is it and what to do about it?

Clea Grady 4 min read
Two men and a woman sitting at an outside table having an informal meeting and drinking coffee

6 reasons why you should be a more considerate colleague and coworker

Clea Grady 4 min read
Man wearing headphones, staring at an Apple laptop, and looking slightly anxious

12 management techniques for first-time managers

Anna Roberts & Clea Grady 5 min read
Branded image of Andreea on the left and Fabiana on the right, who both work in tech roles at RotaCloud

“I’m a woman working in tech.”

Clea Grady 10 min read
Woman leaning against wall, with hands clasped in front of her face and elbows rested on knees

Reducing stress for care workers: 5 tips for managers

Clea Grady 7 min read
Close-up photo of hands holding, one of which is wearing a wedding ring.

How to boost employee experience at your care business with staff scheduling software

Phil Kendall 8 min read
Close-up photo of a smartwatch displaying the time 16:47 on a slender woman's wrist.

How to solve your overtime management problems

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 8 min read
A blank day planner notebook open on a white painted tabletop next to a vase with flowers.

Annual leave rules & restrictions: everything you need to know

Anna Roberts & Clea Grady 9 min read
Woman with dark, curly hair and glasses holding a silver laptop computer standing in front of a white background.

How far in advance should you send out your staff rota?

Phil Kendall 4 min read
Two female baristas wearing aprons using a laptop computer on a wooden counter.

Rota planning in hospitality: 8 steps to success

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 7 min read
The gold clock at Grand Central Station in Manhattan, New York City

6 practical tips to improve employee attendance

Anna Roberts & Clea Grady 7 min read
Woman with curly hair shaking hands with man wearing glasses as two other people look on, smiling.

Your first week as a manager: 7 things to remember

Phil Kendall 7 min read

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