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Many hands holding tiny Lego figures in a variety of outfits and holding different tools.

10 team-building games & activities for hospitality staff

Bring your team together and help them develop new skills with these fun activities.

Phil Kendall

Jan 2023 ⋅ 10 min read

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Two men and a woman sitting at an outside table having an informal meeting and drinking coffee

6 reasons why you should be a more considerate colleague and coworker

Clea Grady 4 min read
A clear plastic container filled with broccoli with a white plastic fork sticking out of it.

Single-use plastics ban: Q&A for cafes, restaurants & takeaway businesses

Phil Kendall 4 min read
A pair of baristas preparing coffee in a coffee shop while a man and woman wait on the other side of the counter.

How staff scheduling software can boost employee experience at your hospitality business

Phil Kendall 7 min read
Close up of brown/green winter lace-up boots with snow on them, standing on snowy ground.

How to attract winter guests to your hotel, guesthouse or B&B

Clea Grady 5 min read
Landscape and portrait views of RotaCloud's new mobile app on a phone screen

Meet the all-new RotaCloud mobile app

Phil Kendall 7 min read
Woman wearing glasses and a light blue shift smiling while reading a paper document.

How to create an employee handbook that people will actually read

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 5 min read
Man wearing headphones, staring at an Apple laptop, and looking slightly anxious

12 management techniques for first-time managers

Anna Roberts & Clea Grady 5 min read
Branded image of Andreea on the left and Fabiana on the right, who both work in tech roles at RotaCloud

“I’m a woman working in tech.”

Clea Grady 10 min read
A happy French bulldog wearing a red and green Christmas hat and jumper, against a green background

How to successfully hire seasonal staff this Christmas

Clea Grady 5 min read
Woman leaning against wall, with hands clasped in front of her face and elbows rested on knees

Reducing stress for care workers: 5 tips for managers

Clea Grady 7 min read
Close-up photo of hands holding, one of which is wearing a wedding ring.

How to boost employee experience at your care business with staff scheduling software

Phil Kendall 8 min read
Close-up photo of a smartwatch displaying the time 16:47 on a slender woman's wrist.

How to solve your overtime management problems

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 8 min read

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