We asked our customers what they thought of RotaCloud.

Here are their answers.

We built RotaCloud to make life easier for managers like you, helping you spend less time managing rotas so you can spend more time on the things that actually grow your business.

Every year, we catch up with our customers to find out how we're doing - and where we can make improvements.

Here are the results for 2018...

Reclaim your workday

We asked how long our customers spent planning and maintaining their rotas previously, and since implementing RotaCloud.

On average, time spent went from 4.87 hours per week to just 1.65 hours.

That's 166 hours you could get back every year.

Time Savings

Does RotaCloud save you time on a daily basis?

91.2% Say Yes

Team Building

Has RotaCloud improved your working relationship with your team?

75% Say Yes

Employee Satisfaction

Do your employees prefer using RotaCloud to your previous system?

85.5% Say Yes


Has RotaCloud reduced employee no-shows?

47% Say Yes

Does RotaCloud let you focus on more important business tasks?

How would you feel if you had to switch back to your prior system?

Jessica Sciberras

"RotaCloud has given me the time to focus on new projects and other parts of the business. I’m so glad we found RotaCloud."

Jessica Sciberras, Administrative Lead, GDoc

"The time savings alone would warrant paying five times the current price for up to 25 employees."

Euan Noble, ROKT Climbing Gym

"RotaCloud has revolutionised the way our business organises our staff team and their rotas."

Phillipe Giovanni Chiarella, Founder, Circuit Clubbing