We asked our customers what they thought of RotaCloud.

Here are their answers.

We built RotaCloud to make life easier for managers like you, helping you spend less time managing rotas so you can spend more time on the things that actually grow your business.

Every year, we catch up with our customers to find out how we're doing - and where we can make improvements.

Here are the results for 2018...

Reclaim your workday

We asked how long our customers spent planning and maintaining their rotas previously, and since implementing RotaCloud.

On average, time spent went from 4.87 hours per week to just 1.65 hours.

That's 166 hours you could get back every year.

4.87 hours of rota planning, reduced by 66% to 1.65 hours

Time Savings

Does RotaCloud save you time on a daily basis?

91.2% say yes

Team Building

Has RotaCloud improved your working relationship with your team?

75% say yes

Employee Satisfaction

Do your employees prefer using RotaCloud to your previous system?

85.5% say yes


Has RotaCloud reduced employee no-shows?

47% say yes

Does RotaCloud let you focus on more important business tasks?

87% say yes, 6% no, 7% don't know

How would you feel if you had to switch back to your prior system?


This would be disastrous for our payroll department.

Desperate!! Really like this system.

We just wouldn't switch back now, RotaCloud works so well for our staff that it would have detrimental affect on our business.

I would feel annoyed and disappointed.

I couldn't even imagine going back to the old way.

Don't even want to think about it..

Stressed. I'd have a lot of angry managers.

Would not be happy or have a happy team.

It would be a big step backwards.

I would have a minor breakdown and a large gin before writing a begging letter to whoever took RotaCloud away from me, pleading for it back.


The thought fills me with horror..

So very very sad!! It has made the world of difference to us!

Don’t even want to think about it!

Will jump in front of the next bus that passes!

Not something I would want to contemplate.

Rather stick forks in my eyes 🤣

Like my soul has been removed 🙂

Would pull my hair out!


I'd cry!!!!

I'd quit my job..

Don't even go there!

Would easily give or sell business. I can't grow it if I switched back.

Chaos would ensue!

Close my business lol.

Simple to use, always being updated and improved and has solved many rota planning issues.
Adrian W Feb 22 2022
A great solution which simplfies our administrative processes and reduces our paperwork.
Ashkay S May 19 2023
RotaCloud was one of the best decisions I could have made.
Charlotte F Nov 22 2021
I can't tell you how much RotaCloud has changed my working life!
Chelsey S May 5 2022
Can't fault RotaCloud and the team — highly recommend it.
Clip 'n Climb Chelsea Jul 28 2022
Sampled a few online rota systems and RotaCloud was by far the best.
David M Apr 25 2018
Happy to have found this software, best decision ever.
Florinela S Apr 25 2023
I have been using RotaCloud for 5 or 6 years now and I couldn't imagine scheduling without it.
Gavin S Oct 4 2022
A fantastic program that makes creating a rota so much easier.
Greg H Aug 29 2022
Excellent, user friendly, brilliant customer service.
HB Sep 20 2022
Simple to use and great value for money!
Jak H Apr 1 2021
Simply the best rota software around.
Jamie G Jun 15 2021
Great user support, always there to answer any questions. The interface is very intuitive.
Joao N Jun 26 2023
We are looking into potentially losing some other systems as RotaCloud seems to do it all.
Katie L Mar 17 2023
Very easy to use. The open shift feature is a lifesaver for filling gaps in the rota.
Katie S Jan 24 2022
Excellent experience, [I] would not want to use any other system. RotaCloud ticks all the boxes.
Kelly I May 1 2023
I looked at other similar packages but none seem to have the simplicity RotaCloud provides.
Kenzie M Mar 30 2022
RotaCloud has made our life as an independent business a whole lot easier.
KM Mar 11 2022
RotaCloud was the choice after I'd tested nearly 20 rota software apps.
Les May 9 2023
Best scheduling piece of kit out there!
Lisa B Oct 11 2022
[RotaCloud] is a game changer for our small charity.
Lisa G Mar 6 2023
[RotaCloud] has saved me so much time, covering shifts and sickness at a click of the button.
Luke R Mar 2 2021
Makes scheduling a lot easier and faster. All employees have access to the complete rota.
Mathias J Nov 5 2017
RotaCloud is our life saver!
Megan Dec 23 2022
Excellent, a really great product. I've used similar products and RotaCloud is by far the best.
Melanie May 30 2023
Some fantastic features and also the customer support service is world class.
Nathan S May 29 2020
RotaCloud is the best online HR management tool.
Usman S Apr 22 2022
Communications with the RotaCloud team are excellent and they are very quick to respond.
Vanessa S Jul 31 2017
Great software at a good price which is scalable with your business.
Wayne Feb 3 2023

RotaCloud is rated 4.9 out of 5 from 217 reviews on Capterra

Last updated: July 2023