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In the hospitality industry, careful planning is essential if you want to prevent chaos from breaking out. But with every minute you spend on admin meaning a minute less spent with your guests, it can sometimes be tricky to strike the right balance.

That’s where we can help. RotaCloud is the no-nonsense way to plan rotas, track attendance, and manage annual leave — all in one place. It’s already helping thousands of businesses reduce wage bills, prevent staffing mix-ups, and cut rota planning time by as much as two-thirds. Plus, with free apps for your staff, you can be confident your team always have the right version of the rota in their pocket.

I would wholeheartedly recommend RotaCloud to other businesses in our industry.

Effortless rota planning

RotaCloud’s intuitive drag-and-drop interface makes building rotas quick and easy — so you spend less time stuck in the office, and more time making your guests smile. Build separate rotas for your reception, kitchen and housekeeping teams within a single RotaCloud account.

See our rota builder
Whenever there are any small changes, we can make them live on RotaCloud and the system notifies the staff for us.
Emma Hogg
The Engine Shed

No more missed shifts

We’re cloud-based, so you’ll always be sure that your staff are looking at the most up-to-date version of their rota. No more duplicates, rota mix-ups, or staff excuses for missed shifts!

Sharing & visibility
The cloud-based system is great. The fact that staff can log in using the app to check shifts is a massive bonus.
Max Collishaw
Hoyle Court

Easy holiday management, even during busy periods

Forget emails and post-it notes; with RotaCloud, your staff request time off through the free RotaCloud app. Don’t want staff taking time off on bank holiday weekends? Set leave embargoes to automatically block leave requests for busy periods.

Holiday management tools
RotaCloud has meant that we are totally up to speed with who has taken or booked in leave and when.
Sam Colton
Brunning Host Ltd
We can now check working hours, leave, sickness and absences easily rather than having to trawl through reams of paper.

Availability at a glance

Employees can set their availability using their phones, so you can see exactly when your staff are available to work while you’re planning your next rota — perfect if you hire plenty of part-timers.

Explore availabiltiy tools
As soon as RotaCloud was introduced, we started to reap the benefits.
Paul Trepte

Fill rota gaps fast

Someone called in sick? Don’t waste your morning trying to find cover; just drag their shift to the top of your rota and everyone who’s eligible to work it will be able to claim it.

More on open shifts
I can put open shifts on the rota for staff to claim without having to check who’s free. RotaCloud saves me loads of time.
Lisa Burbidge-Brown
The Vegan Grindhouse

Free resources for hotel & resort owners

We like to keep our ear pretty close to the ground when it comes to the hotel industry. Check out this sample of our exclusive blogs and handy resources.

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