Sharing rotas & communication

Keep your team in the loop

Make sure everyone’s on the same page with automatic updates and notifications for your staff.

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A notifications menu in RotaCloud showing toggles for desktop, email, push and SMS notifications.

Communicating with your team has never been easier.

Selection of push notifications received by employees in RotaCloud showing open shift and clock out reminders, and a shift swap request.

Automatic notifications

Inform your team of every change, automatically

Every time you add or update a shift, relevant staff are immediately notified, so they always know when they’re next working.

  • Rota updates
  • New open shifts
  • Swap requests
  • Shift reminders
  • Clock-in reminders

Push, e-mail, SMS

Be sure they got the message

Employees can choose from push, email, or SMS notifications — so you can be confident that they always have the most up-to-date information.

 Notifications setting screen in RotaCloud with toggles for email, push, and SMS, with blue Save button.
Hand-drawn doodles showing shifts swapping, a hand holding a pencil, a paper plane, and a notification bell.

How shift updates work

A simpler way to share shifts

  • Make the change

    Update your rota with the necessary shift changes.

  • Publish the shifts

    Click the Publish button to make the changes final.

  • Staff get notified

    Staff whose shifts have changed receive an email, push, or SMS notification.

Cloud-based rota software

See shifts on any device

RotaCloud is accessible on any compatible device with an internet connection, so your staff will always have the most up-to-date version of their rota.

  • Always up to date

  • Accessible from anywhere

  • Free smartphone app

A typical rota on the RotaCloud mobile app alongside black App Store and Google Play Store images.

RotaCloud’s made it very simple for our staff to find out what time they start and where they will be working, especially with the app and push notifications.

Sunny Hall, Managing Director, BN1 Security

Three shifts for a chef role with a green 'Acknowledge shifts' button.

Shift acknowledgement

Extra peace of mind

Ask your staff to confirm that they’ve seen their latest rota with shift acknowledgement.

Each time you make a change, you’ll see on the rota which shifts have or haven’t been acknowledged.


Reach out from within RotaCloud

The Memos tool lets you send messages to your employees quickly and easily directly from your RotaCloud account.

Memos can be sent to your entire team or just select members of staff, and will arrive at their registered email address.

A memo creation screen in RotaCloud containing subject line, message box, recipients, and green Send Memo button.
Black RotaCloud logo surrounded by circling hearts, arrows and logos for Outlook, Google Calendar and Apple Calendar

Calendar feed

Syncs with your calendar app

See shifts alongside your other events and appointments in your favourite calendar app.

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