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Staff rotas giving you headaches? Get rid of the clunky Excel spreadsheet or scraps of paper. RotaCloud makes it easy to build and share your rotas, make changes and manage time off requests, all in one place.

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Build Rotas in Record Time

This is how a rota looks in RotaCloud. Drag and drop, colour coding and cost estimates make rota planning a breeze.

It's easy to duplicate weeks and create rolling shift patterns so you can spend less time organising staff and more time growing your business.

Communication You Can Rely On

With automatic email, text and push notifications you can relax in the knowledge that your staff will always have the latest rota in their pocket. No more chasing employees.

RotaCloud stays perfectly in sync across all of your devices, so you can make changes or reply to time-off requests from wherever you are. Your staff can check their upcoming shifts from anywhere so they’ll always see the latest rota and they’ll always know when they’re working.

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Reduce Overstaffing, Reduce Costs

Overstaffing is costly. With RotaCloud, you can see exactly where you have too many staff and where you need more. Exploit this information to provide the best possible service at the lowest cost to your business.

Main Testimonials

What Our Customers Think

With over 200 staff and organising anywhere upwards of 12 events per week, rotas in our business have been a time consuming and resource draining task. RotaCloud has revolutionised the way our business organises our staff team and their rotas.

Phillipe Giovanni Chiarella

Phillipe Giovanni Chiarella

Head of Operations and Development, Orange Nation

RotaCloud has introduced a discipline to the team which means we are more efficient and not duplicating efforts. It has worked hand in hand with our HR software to increase professionalism around absences/holidays for our growing team.

Kate Reynier

Kate Reynier

Head of Product Support,

We love the flexibility and the ability to not have to write down all our staff working hours on paper or in Excel spreadsheets!

Timothy Bosworth

Timothy Bosworth

Co-founder, Hoxton North

I have had a couple of trials with other online rota management systems before finding RotaCloud. RotaCloud is by far the most succinct, comprehensive way to communicate rotas with staff members. All of the staff love it! It helps us communicate quickly, saves us lots of time and has helped us plan ahead. You must try this out!

Matthew Corrie

Matthew Corrie

Owner, Adventure Golf Island

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