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Optimise your labour costs

Get a clear picture of your staffing costs with RotaCloud’s labour forecasting and budgeting tools.

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A rota in RotaCloud showing costs and hours for that week's shifts, including labour percentage targets, revenue, and how the targets compare with revenue.

Keep staffing costs under control and schedule shifts with confidence.

Real-time labour costs

See how much you’re spending as you schedule

See estimated daily, weekly, and per-shift costs as you build your rota. Every time you add, edit, or move a shift, you’ll instantly see the impact on your wage bill.

A rota in RotaCloud showing total hours and costs for staff, with red text showing that the rota is currently over budget.
Mark Coaker, RotaCloud user since 2018
RotaCloud user since 2018

We were spending 25% of our turnover on wages — now it’s down to 19%.

Mark Coaker, Operations Manager, Millers Fish and Chips

Labour forecasting

Optimise staff coverage with revenue-based rotas

RotaCloud makes it easy to build rotas based on your forecasted revenue. No more guesswork or digging through spreadsheets to calculate labour percentages.

  • Demand-driven rotas

    Start adding shifts to RotaCloud and see how your estimated labour percentage changes — build rotas based on expected demand, so you’re never over or understaffed.

  • Review costs & takings

    When your final revenue data is in, simply plug it into RotaCloud to reveal the actual labour percentage for that period.

  • Easily compare performance

    RotaCloud calculates labour percentages for different teams, across every day and week, so you can quickly see which teams have performed best, and where you can make improvements.

A section of a rota in RotaCloud showing labour target of 20% £269.54, together with current labour spend and revenue.

Budget caps

Keep a cap on spending

Help managers keep costs under control by setting budgets for each rota, department, or location.

See at a glance whether a rota is over or under budget before it’s finalised, so you can be confident that every department is on track.

A rota in RotaCloud showing total hours and costs for staff, with green text showing that the rota is currently under budget.

Reliable time data

The payroll you planned for

RotaCloud records time and clocking in data, so you can be confident that your staffing costs are what you expected them to be.

  • Keep pay rules consistent

    Set rules on whether early clock-ins and late clock-outs are paid, how hours are rounded, and more — your time data stays consistent and predictable.

  • Easy payroll prep

    Staff clocking in data is automatically fed into timesheets, ready for you to review and send to payroll with a single click.

  • Reduce errors

    Reliable time data reduces pay mix-ups and ensures everyone is paid fairly for the hours, and roles, they’ve worked.

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An employee timesheet with 3 days' clocking in and out times and red warning symbols showing lateness, and orange warnings showing small discrepancies between actual and scheduled hours.


Gain new insights into labour costs

RotaCloud’s staffing reports give you powerful insights into spending at your business, helping you spot opportunities to optimise costs.

Choose a date range, filter by employees, locations, or roles, and instantly see how your costs are changing over time.

A daily totals report for 22-28 August 2021 with blue line showing hours works and red line showing costs.

Payroll integrations

Works with your accounting software

Ready to run payroll? Export your data as a CSV file, or send it straight to your existing accounting software.

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