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Running a business in the leisure industry is anything but leisurely. With sudden spikes in trade throughout the year, parties of various sizes to cater for, and unpredictable staff availability to consider, you need to be able to adapt at a moment’s notice.

That’s where we come in. RotaCloud is cloud-based rota planning and attendance software that’s fast, easy to use, and lets you plan and edit your schedules anytime and anywhere you like — so that, instead of getting in the way, your rota sets your business up for success.

The time savings alone would warrant paying five times the current price for up to 25 employees.

Quick off the blocks

We built RotaCloud to be accessible for everyone, regardless of IT ability — just click, copy, drag and drop your way to a clear, reliable rota. When you have a pattern that works for you, you can copy and paste whole weeks or months to reduce your rota planning time even further.

Explore our rota builder
RotaCloud has drastically reduced the time it takes to create the rotas for each department.
Phillipe Giovanni Chiarella
Circuit Clubbing

Responsive, always up to date

One of your instructors called in sick? Party booking just come in? RotaCloud will tell all eligible staff if there are shifts that need filling and even send notifications to those whose shifts have been changed. Plus, with the free RotaCloud app, your team are never more than a few taps away from the latest version of the rota.

Our mobile app
Whenever there are any small changes, we can make them live on RotaCloud and the system notifies the staff for us.
Emma Hogg
The Engine Shed

Cover all your bases

RotaCloud’s colour-coded Dashboard gives you a clear visual representation of where your staff will be, so you’ll know in an instant if you have your reception, track, pool, and even cleaning covered.

Sharing & notifications
Everything is so clear and easy to understand.
Megan Barnes
The Elephant Collective
We have saved significant money from day one. We were able to reduce the number of missed trips from unassigned shifts or unavailable chauffeurs to zero.

Fuss-free payroll

RotaCloud lets you set up roles — and associated hourly rates — so that your staff’s pay reflects the nature of the work they do, not just the hours. And with staffing costs displayed in real-time as you build your rotas, you’ll know how much you’re spending before you share the rota.

Explore budgeting tools
We are so impressed with the reporting functions that RotaCloud has to offer.
Vicki-Ann Underhill
GUST Swim School

Holiday management made easy

Forget memos and trawling your inbox for old emails; with RotaCloud, your staff request time off directly through the app. Your managers can approve or deny requests with just a couple of clicks, and RotaCloud will automatically calculate your employees’ remaining holiday.

Holiday management tools
Sickness, time management and holidays are simply a click away.
Euan Noble
Rokt Climbing Gym

Free resources for leisure, sport & tourism industries

We’re obsessed with making work easier for our clients. That’s why you’ll always find plenty of useful guides and blogs in our resource library.

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