Time & Attendance

Web-based time and attendance software that makes it easy to track employee working hours and prepare payroll. Compare worked and scheduled hours, and easily monitor absence and lateness.

Clocking in

Clock in & out straight from your smartphone

Mobile clocking

Let staff clock in using the RotaCloud app on iOS and Android. They can see their upcoming shift and clock in when it starts.

Track clock-in locations with GPS

GPS prevents staff from clocking in when they're not on site. You can even view on a map where they clocked in or out from.

RotaCloud mobile clock-in with GPS restriction

Attendance alerts

Employees receive notifications when they haven't clocked in, and you'll be messaged shortly after if they still haven't.

No more data entry

Messy paper timesheets are a thing of the past. Staff clocking times are automatically fed onto a timesheet, ready for approval and payroll export.

We've got apps for iOS & Android

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Online time clock

Accurate clocking in using equipment you already have

Clocking terminals

Say goodbye to paper timesheets. Set up a terminal in minutes with a computer or mobile tablet and instantly send clocking times to a personal timesheet. No need for expensive stand-alone hardware.

Web-based time clocks

Our clocking platform is web-based so you can set up as many as you like, anywhere with an internet connection. You'll be ready to go in minutes.

Get straight to work

No faffing around — just punch in your four-digit PIN and choose a shift to clock in to. Less time queuing at the time clock, no more messy timesheets.

RotaCloud clocking in terminal on iPad


Timesheets are generated instantly and
absences flagged automatically

Employee monthly timesheet in RotaCloud


Timesheets are populated automatically as employees clock in and out so you no longer need to collect up paper timesheets from your staff and count up the hours.

Compare with scheduled

Clocking in times are automatically compared with times on the rota so you can instantly see how the hours worked differ from what you planned.

Monitor absence and lateness

When you have shifts scheduled on the rota, absences and lateness are flagged automatically when the clocking times don’t match. Records are stored for each employee so you can monitor patterns and frequency.


Approve each employee's clocking records either individually or en masse, or make manual adjustments where necessary.


When everything has been approved, lock off a pay period to prevent further edits and prepare your payroll report.


Prepare payroll in minutes, not hours

Automatic payroll report

When the time comes to pay your staff, a click of a button generates a complete payroll report with hours worked, paid leave and overtime.

Payroll export

Export your payroll report for easy import into your payroll software, or to send straight to your accountant. Now you can look forward to the end of the month.

RotaCloud payroll report


Compare, measure and optimise your labour budgets

Scheduled vs. worked

It's easy to compare what you scheduled on the rota with the hours actually worked, so you can see if your staff are working more than they should, or if you’re running under-budget. Filter down to look in more detail at a specific location or an individual employee.

Attendance reports

Attendance is monitored continuously so you can instantly run a report on attendance, lateness or overtime, whenever you need one.

Spot trends over time

As your business grows you can see how your payroll and labour budgets are affected, so you can spend more time keeping your business lean and efficient. Run reports at any time or download to Excel for deeper analysis.