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Holiday employee management screen on mobile app showing details of holiday remaining, TOIL remaining and upcoming leave dates

The simple solution to your holiday management headaches.

Leave calendar

Your all-in-one staff holiday planner

Manage holiday requests

Process leave requests the easy way

Managing holiday requests doesn’t have to be a headache. RotaCloud streamlines the entire process, eliminating the need for paperwork and saving you hours of admin.

I love that staff only have one way to request holiday — through RotaCloud. Before, there would be phone calls, emails or even notes left on my desk.

Gemma Versteeg, Shop Manager, Dunsfold Village Shop

Automated holiday accrual

Save time with automatic holiday accrual

RotaCloud calculates and records the amount of holiday your hourly staff have earned based on the hours they work and the accrual rate you set.

Accrued holiday is added to your employees' allowances automatically, so you don’t have to spend time on complicated calculations or data entry.

Setting holiday accrual rate in RotaCloud with field to input accrual rate as a percentage.

TOIL management

Time off in lieu made simple

For businesses that offer their staff time off in lieu (TOIL) instead of overtime pay, RotaCloud lets you record TOIL as a separate leave type, adding it to employees’ profiles as and when you need to.

Staff can check how much TOIL they’ve accrued via the RotaCloud mobile app, and can request it in the exact same way they’d request regular holiday.

Image of an employee’s holiday and TOIL allowances in RotaCloud

Leave request rules

Stay fully staffed with custom leave rules

Set bespoke rules to automatically turn down any holiday requests that would leave you short-handed.

RotaCloud will always tell an employee why their request was turned down — saving you both time and hassle.

Need all hands on deck for a particularly busy period? Set a leave embargo to block it out entirely on the rota.

There is less conflict between staff and managers now — it was difficult to refuse holiday requests. But now RotaCloud is doing that by default, it’s made life much easier for the managers.

Agnes Szabo, Practice Manager, Abington Park Veterinary Group

Try RotaCloud free for 30 days

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  • UK-based support