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The retail industry’s changing fast — and your store needs to change with it. Instead of accepting staffing issues like no-shows, rota mix-ups, and time theft as an unavoidable part of doing business, you can tackle them head-on — with a little help from RotaCloud.

RotaCloud is cloud-based staff scheduling and time tracking software that’s designed to reduce rota headaches. We know first-hand how tricky rotas can be in retail, so we built something to change that.

Jasdeep Singh at J&H Local

Communicating schedules is instantaneous, and with colleagues being able to use the mobile apps, RotaCloud is a crucial part of our business. The team at RotaCloud are second to none!

Jasdeep Singh, Owner, J&H Local

Darren Longworth from Clothes2Order

I’d say we’re probably saving about two or three days out of the month for each department. It’s a massive saving.

Darren Longworth, Human Resources Business Partner, Clothes2Order

Anna Jennison-Phillips from Alice Caroline

It makes it so much clearer to plan without worrying that we’ve over- or under-staffed — that’s something RotaCloud has massively helped with.

Anna Jennison-Phillips, Operations Manager, Alice Caroline

Barbed Logo

What really surprised me was a financial saving — due to getting the rotas more organised, we discovered we didn't need as much part-time and weekend cover.

Graham Sterry, Managing Director, Barbed

David Hastings from Mail Boxes Etc

[Implementing RotaCloud] has freed me up to focus on starting other small businesses to add to our current set.

David Hastings, Franchise Owner, Mail Boxes Etc

Bringing rota planning into focus

Award-winning opticians Cameron Beaumont started using RotaCloud in March 2017. We spoke to dispensing optician Jacqui Leach about why she chose RotaCloud to plan rotas and manage annual leave.

"Utilising modern technology to support the business is something we’re very passionate about."

"RotaCloud is a great way to plan your rotas. I can update it anytime, anywhere. It’s made the rota-planning procedure so much easier than it used to be — it frees up my time so that I can do other things."

Jacqui Leach, Dispensing Optician at Cameron Beaumont

of RotaCloud customers say the system saves them time every day

Retail-ready rota management

Build your perfect rota pattern

Creating rota patterns in RotaCloud is a breeze. Once you’re happy with your template, duplicate the pattern across weeks, months, or even across the year with a couple of clicks. Need to make changes? Adjusting your rota is easy — whether you’re using the PC in the back office or a tablet at the point of sale.

Never short-staffed — or over budget

Check you have enough sales assistants and managers on duty for the days ahead at a glance with RotaCloud’s colour-coded Dashboard view, so your customer service is never compromised. Gain visibility over your cash flow, too, with estimated costs per role, location, or time period — right there on the rota.

Always up to date

No more shift mix-ups; no more excuses: the RotaCloud employee apps mean your staff always have the latest rota in their pocket. Need to tweak the schedule? Employees are alerted right away through push or email notifications.

Holiday management made easy

Your staff can request leave through RotaCloud— and your managers can approve or deny requests. Set leave embargoes for busy periods so you’re never short-staffed during busy retail periods.

Tackle lateness and no-shows

Have a sales assistant who keeps shirking their shifts? RotaCloud gives you total visibility over attendance, helping you back up disciplinary decisions with hard data.

GDPR compliant

We’re fully GDPR compliant, so you can relax knowing that, as well as being held securely, we’ll never sell your data or share it with anyone else.


Because RotaCloud is 100% web-based, both you and your staff can access your accounts anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.

Free support for life

We’re known for our fantastic customer support — if you ever get in a muddle, our UK-based support team are just a quick message away.

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review stars

“We've been using RotaCloud for over two years and now can't imagine how we survived without it.”

Lucy C

review stars

"Makes employee shift handling simple. The best software I have used so far for small businesses."

Mathias J

review stars

"Now we’ve made the change, I can’t ever see us going back!”

Chris W

review stars

"Sampled a few online rota systems and RotaCloud was by far the best."

David M

review stars

"Excellent product for managing staff communication and improving efficiency"

Steve D

review stars

"RotaCloud has saved our staff hours and hours of time on planning rotas."

Ben S

review stars

“I have had nothing but positive experiences with RotaCloud.”

Niall K

review stars

"Communications with the RotaCloud team is excellent and they are very quick to respond."

Vanessa S

review stars

“This is the third company I have implemented RotaCloud at; it’s incredibly simple to use.”

Simon Mc

review stars

"The support team always reacts fast. Can't fault them."

Charles S

review stars

"RotaCloud is a valuable component in our business setup and is very easy to use."

Clive P

review stars

"RotaCloud has cut my rota planning down from three days a month to about two hours."

Richard B

RotaCloud is rated 4.9 out of 5 from 152 reviews on Capterra

Last updated: August 2020

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