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A man and woman sitting at a table in a restaurant, paying for a meal using a terminal

A simple guide to the new laws on tipping

Brooke Curtis 3 min read

7 tips for hiring hospitality staff during the staffing crisis

Phil Kendall & Brooke Curtis 6 min read

Where is the hospitality staffing crisis hitting hardest?

Brooke Curtis 3 min read

A year of not going on holiday: how 2020 changed how we use our annual leave

Brooke Curtis, Phil Kendall & Anna Roberts 7 min read
A collage of York pubs

A big shoutout to our favourite locals during lockdown

Phil Kendall, Brooke Curtis & Anna Roberts 1 min read

Beyond the Departure Bored: Flexible working and an easier commute

Anna Roberts, Phil Kendall & Brooke Curtis 4 min read

10 terrible excuses given by staff for not coming into work

Brooke Curtis & Phil Kendall 4 min read

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