Anna Roberts

Anna is a former Blog Editor, now Web Developer, at RotaCloud.

Anna is a former Blog Editor, now Web Developer, at RotaCloud.

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Woman wearing glasses and a light blue shift smiling while reading a paper document.

How to create an employee handbook that people will actually read

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 5 min read
Man wearing headphones, staring at an Apple laptop, and looking slightly anxious

12 management techniques for first-time managers

Anna Roberts & Clea Grady 5 min read
Close-up photo of a smartwatch displaying the time 16:47 on a slender woman's wrist.

How to solve your overtime management problems

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 8 min read
A blank day planner notebook open on a white painted tabletop next to a vase with flowers.

Annual leave rules & restrictions: everything you need to know

Anna Roberts & Clea Grady 9 min read
Two female baristas wearing aprons using a laptop computer on a wooden counter.

Rota planning in hospitality: 8 steps to success

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 7 min read
Man looking sidelong at the camera from inside his mechanic business

How to identify barriers to small business growth

Phil Kendall, Anna Roberts & Clea Grady 6 min read
Female and male runner wearing red tank tops crouched on an indoor running track.

How to choose between two outstanding candidates: 10 tiebreakers

Phil Kendall & Anna Roberts 7 min read
The gold clock at Grand Central Station in Manhattan, New York City

6 practical tips to improve employee attendance

Anna Roberts & Clea Grady 7 min read
Woman with long hair sitting on a bench against a wall and looking down at her feet in black sandals

Quiet vs. unhappy employees: Why you should worry about your silent staff

Phil Kendall, Clea Grady & Anna Roberts 6 min read

17 HR blogs you should be following [Updated for 2022!]

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 7 min read

40 quick tips for boosting seasonal sales in retail (updated for 2021)

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 6 min read
Man wearing sunglasses floating in the sea reading a book.

5 innovative annual leave policies for your small business

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 9 min read

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