Integrations and Partners

RotaCloud works with a number of other software providers to give our customers access to extra features and functionality.


Connect these tools with RotaCloud to gain even more value from your RotaCloud account.


PeopleHR is a comprehensive cloud-based HR system that helps you grow your business. Link PeopleHR with RotaCloud to display employee and leave information from PeopleHR in RotaCloud.


Breathe is a low cost, easy to use, cloud-based HR solution designed to reduce HR paperwork. Connect Breathe with RotaCloud to see breathe employee and leave information in RotaCloud, and send shift information back to Breathe.


Optix is business management software designed for opticians; comprising patient records, appointment diaries, point-of-sale functions, and much more. Use RotaCloud with Optix to display RotaCloud shifts within Optix when planning appointments.

Live calendar feeds

Generate a live calendar feed of shifts in RotaCloud and import it into your favourite calendar software. Shift information will automatically be updated when new shifts are published. RotaCloud integrates with Apple Calendar, Outlook, and Google Calendar.

Other Partners

RotaCloud work alongside these organisations to provide an improved experience for our clients.

Person Centred Software

Person Centred Software provide innovative mobile solutions for care planning, interactions, and reporting. Their Mobile Care Monitoring solutions benefit over 500 care homes by reducing paperwork and improving care quality and the overall care cycle.


StoriiCare: Co-ordinate and record clinical care and activities.

Integrate with RotaCloud

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