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Providing the best quality care means having the right people in the right places at the right time. Without a clear schedule in place, you risk mix-ups that can cost time, money, and even impact the level of service you give.

That’s where we come in. RotaCloud is online rota software that’s fast, easy to use, and accessible from anywhere — including your carers’ smartphones. Your team always have access to the very latest version of their rota, with any tweaks or updates immediately communicated via text, email, or push notification, so you can be sure that everyone’s in the loop.

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We have cut out many parts to our process and streamlined time management allowing our staff more time to do the things they enjoy and support our service users.

Craig Crockford, Project Manager, Phoenix Support

Andrew Downes from EAAA

We’ve freed up clinicians’ time and managed to produce a more reliable rota that is available to all.

Andrew Downes, Head of Clinical Operations, East Anglian Air Ambulance

Jessica Sciberras from GDoc

RotaCloud has benefited GDoc in particular, as I now have the time to focus on new projects and other parts of the business to make it sustainable for the future.

Jessica Sciberras, Administrative Lead, GDoc

Taking care of your rotas

Simple, powerful rota building

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to use RotaCloud. Drag and drop shifts, colour code roles to easily check carer coverage, and view detailed staffing graphs and reports in just a few clicks.

Manage on the go

You’re not always at your work computer, so we built RotaCloud to be accessible from anywhere. Plan, edit, and share rotas on the go using your laptop, smartphone or tablet — your carers get free mobile apps, too.

Unlimited, shareable rotas

Reduce mix-ups by building separate rotas for each of your service users. You can even generate shareable versions of the rota to give to them, so they always know the details of their next visit.

Mobile time tracking made easy

Carers always on the move? With GPS-restricted mobile clocking in and out, timesheet data is populated accurately and promptly for every home visit — with no manual data entry required.

Sleep-ins, sorted

Set a flat rate to apply to all sleep-in shifts, or an hourly rate — whichever your company uses. Compile accurate wage data for payroll in seconds — no more manually typing into spreadsheets.

GDPR compliant

We’re fully GDPR compliant, so you can relax knowing that, as well as being held securely, we’ll never sell your data or share it with anyone else.


Because RotaCloud is 100% web-based, both you and your staff can access your accounts anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.

Free support for life

We’re known for our fantastic customer support — if you ever get in a muddle, our UK-based support team are just a quick message away.

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review stars

“We've been using RotaCloud for over two years and now can't imagine how we survived without it.”

Lucy C

review stars

"Makes employee shift handling simple. The best software I have used so far for small businesses."

Mathias J

review stars

"Now we’ve made the change, I can’t ever see us going back!”

Chris W

review stars

"Sampled a few online rota systems and RotaCloud was by far the best."

David M

review stars

"Excellent product for managing staff communication and improving efficiency"

Steve D

review stars

"RotaCloud has saved our staff hours and hours of time on planning rotas."

Ben S

review stars

“I have had nothing but positive experiences with RotaCloud.”

Niall K

review stars

"Communications with the RotaCloud team is excellent and they are very quick to respond."

Vanessa S

review stars

“This is the third company I have implemented RotaCloud at; it’s incredibly simple to use.”

Simon Mc

review stars

"The support team always reacts fast. Can't fault them."

Charles S

review stars

"RotaCloud is a valuable component in our business setup and is very easy to use."

Clive P

review stars

"RotaCloud has cut my rota planning down from three days a month to about two hours."

Richard B

RotaCloud is rated 4.9 out of 5 from 152 reviews on Capterra

Last updated: August 2020

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