Payroll preparation

Perfect payroll every time

Don’t struggle with complicated spreadsheets — RotaCloud’s one-click report makes preparing for payroll quicker and easier than ever.

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A payroll report in RotaCloud showing paid hours split between standard and overtime, and paid leave split between days and hours. A 'Finalise Payroll' button is highlighted in the top right corner.

Put down the calculator. With RotaCloud, payroll prep is all part of the service.

Accurate payroll reports

Process payroll, without the data entry

Generate a payroll-ready report in one click, using your staff’s actual worked hours, and replace that end-of-month rush with a refreshing sense of calm.

Everything from paid leave, to late clock-ins, to missed shifts is accounted for, so you can be confident that your wage bill reflects reality at your business.

Payroll report overview

A detailed breakdown of hours, holidays and pay rates

Payroll reports in RotaCloud provide an easily digestible summary of your pay period.

Exports & integrations

Accountant-friendly exports & integrations

Ready to run payroll? Export your payroll data as a Sage-formatted document or as a CSV summary that your accountant will love.

Alternatively, send payroll data directly to your Staffology account, so you hardly need to lift a finger.

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