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You provide the services that keep other businesses running smoothly — but what about your own? When you’re focused on winning new clients or keeping current clients happy, day-to-day admin is rarely a priority. As your business grows, staff scheduling and time tracking processes tend to cause more problems than they solve.

If you’re fed up with rota planning, you’re not alone. That’s why we built RotaCloud — online rota software designed to make scheduling staff, recording attendance, and annual leave management simple.

Easy-to-use online rota builder

Drag and drop shifts, colour code roles, and quickly copy and paste entire rota periods — scheduling staff has never been easier. Everything’s stored in the cloud, so no matter what device you’re using, your rota’s on hand.

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We did a calculation, and it worked out that we were saving about 80 hours a month — just on doing a rota.
Derek Laird
Next Level Security Services Ltd

A separate rota for every location — at no extra cost

In RotaCloud, one location = one rota. Use a location for each of your clients to prevent rota mix-ups and easily track costs and coverage. You can have hundreds of locations under one account, at no extra cost.

Rota customisation
It lets us see where everyone is working in an instant, in a simple and easy-to-use format.
Sunny Hall
BN1 Security

Accurate time tracking — even remotely

Stop relying on paper timesheets, and get a true picture of hours worked with remote, GPS restricted clocking in and out via the RotaCloud smartphone app. The figures are fed straight through to digital timesheets, which can be locked and prepared for payroll. Use RotaCloud’s wide range of reports to give you full visibility over your employee data.

Explore timesheets
The timesheets in RotaCloud are very, very good. It gives you all the information you need.
Teresa Anderson
Shoreham & Southwick Primary Care Network
Shift swaps and leave requests are all managed online and with zero effort from managers.

Reclaim your workday

Speed up tedious people management processes like organising shift swaps and approving leave by doing it all through RotaCloud. Get notified whenever employees make a request, and reject or approve it with a single click. No more email chains, phone calls or handwritten notes to keep track of.

Holiday management tools
We found it was incredibly easy to set up and use, and at a good price point.
Brian Curran
KeyPlus Security

More info for your workers

Use day notes and shift notes to communicate extra info with your contractors and employees, such as client phone numbers, access codes, or specific duties required. Staff are sent these notes with their shift notifications, and can also check them through the RotaCloud app — no more communication mix-ups leading to unhappy clients.

Our mobile app
Using RotaCloud has upped our professionalism and also saved us countless hours.
Sunny Hall
BN1 Security

Free resources for professional service providers

Take a look at some of our top resources and blog articles designed to help businesses resolve their people management problems.

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