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IT and comms businesses might be office-based, but working 9–5 Monday to Friday is anything but normal. With complex shift patterns and flexible working arrangements to manage, and customer support coverage to maintain, it can be tricky to keep track of everything.

Let RotaCloud do the hard work for you. Gain complete control and visibility over every aspect of the staff rota, from copying complex shift patterns across weeks and months, to tracking time accurately — even across different time zones.

Hannah Robinson at SignVideo

Using RotaCloud has saved management a lot of admin time, and time is precious in a busy, dynamic business!

Hannah Robinson, Interpreting Service Manager, SignVideo

Ardjan Shero at Shero

We've seen major improvements in leave management. We can now add embargoes for busy days and months, so that when two front-end developers have approved leave, we still have a third developer around.

Ardjan Shero, Quality Assurance Specialist, Shero

Andrew Miller from Sheffield Hallam

RotaCloud has reduced our administration time on rotas by 40-50 hours per week.

Andrew Miller, Sport Operations Manager, Sheffield Hallam University

Emma Hogg from the Engine Shed

I would wholeheartedly recommend RotaCloud to other businesses — it’s changed the way I work completely.

Emma Hogg, HR & Finance Manager, The Engine Shed

Darren Longworth from Clothes2Order

I’d say we’re probably saving about two or three days out of the month for each department. It’s a massive saving.

Darren Longworth, Human Resources Business Partner, Clothes2Order

A rota planning tool that scales with your business

Handle complex rotas with ease

Struggling with spreadsheets? Map even the most complex rota pattern in RotaCloud with ease, then duplicate it across weeks and months as required. RotaCloud can cope with different time zones, temporary cover, and pretty much anything else you throw at it.

Accurate time tracking for a flexible workforce

Keep timesheet records for staff on flexi-time accurate with RotaCloud’s Time & Attendance package. Allow GPS-restricted mobile clocking in, or require staff to clock in and out from a fixed terminal — whatever works for you. Clocking data automatically feeds through to employee timesheets.

User permissions that work with your business structure

Recreate your management hierarchy in RotaCloud with flexible user permissions that shape your account to your liking. Manager permissions cover everything from employee salary visibility to holiday approval. And every permission can be switched off and on per Location, giving you complete control over your data.

Complete cost and coverage visibility

Whether you’re running a call centre or a customer support team, maintaining complete coverage is all-important. RotaCloud shows you coverage at a glance for each of your various job roles, throughout the day. You can also check coverage and costs across each month.

Leave management fit for digital natives (and technophobes!)

Employees increasingly expect businesses to use apps and efficient software for every admin process. Requesting leave, sharing availability, and organising shift swaps are no different. RotaCloud is a platform for all these processes — and our focus on user-friendliness means everyone feels comfortable using it.

GDPR compliant

We’re fully GDPR compliant, so you can relax knowing that, as well as being held securely, we’ll never sell your data or share it with anyone else.


Because RotaCloud is 100% web-based, both you and your staff can access your accounts anytime and anywhere you have an internet connection.

Free support for life

We’re known for our fantastic customer support — if you ever get in a muddle, our UK-based support team are just a quick message away.

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review stars

“We've been using RotaCloud for over two years and now can't imagine how we survived without it.”

Lucy C

review stars

"Makes employee shift handling simple. The best software I have used so far for small businesses."

Mathias J

review stars

"Now we’ve made the change, I can’t ever see us going back!”

Chris W

review stars

"Sampled a few online rota systems and RotaCloud was by far the best."

David M

review stars

"Excellent product for managing staff communication and improving efficiency"

Steve D

review stars

"RotaCloud has saved our staff hours and hours of time on planning rotas."

Ben S

review stars

“I have had nothing but positive experiences with RotaCloud.”

Niall K

review stars

"Communications with the RotaCloud team is excellent and they are very quick to respond."

Vanessa S

review stars

“This is the third company I have implemented RotaCloud at; it’s incredibly simple to use.”

Simon Mc

review stars

"The support team always reacts fast. Can't fault them."

Charles S

review stars

"RotaCloud is a valuable component in our business setup and is very easy to use."

Clive P

review stars

"RotaCloud has cut my rota planning down from three days a month to about two hours."

Richard B

RotaCloud is rated 4.9 out of 5 from 152 reviews on Capterra

Last updated: August 2020

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