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As an animal healthcare professional, you know how important it is to have the right people in the right places at the right time.

RotaCloud makes organising your veterinary care team simple. It lets you create and share staff schedules in minutes, and gives you complete oversight of your team — whether you’re an independent business or managing rotas for multiple practices.

Plan rotas in minutes, not hours

Don’t spend time struggling with spreadsheets — RotaCloud’s easy-to-use shift planner makes scheduling easy. Drag and drop shifts, create rota templates, generate reports and more in minutes.

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We went with RotaCloud because it’s very user-friendly, very easy to navigate, and very easy to build a rota.
Agnes Szabo
Abington Park Veterinary Group

Fully customisable & collaborative

With RotaCloud, you’re free to create as many rotas as you like. Organise your team by department or location, colour-code roles, and set role-specific pay rates — you can also collaborate with other managers to share the workload.

Customisation options
I like the way you can add roles and locations. I can label them things like ‘clean ups’ or ‘theatre’, which makes it a lot easier to scan.
Natasha Killick
Portland Vets

Easy clocking in & timesheets

No more data entry, no more paper timesheets — RotaCloud lets your staff and surgeons clock in and out of their shifts using their own phones, with location and time data securely stored in their online timesheets.

Clocking-in with RotaCloud
The clocking in is a bit of a lifesaver for us — it mitigates any risk and puts us on the front foot.
Charlie Waterworth
Community Lettings
It’s really logical and easy to learn — the other systems were too complex.

Hassle-free holiday management

Staff holiday doesn’t have to be a headache. With RotaCloud, your team request time off through the mobile app. All you need to do is click “Approve” or “Deny” and RotaCloud will update your rota automatically.

Explore leave management
Nothing gets forgotten. If you don’t remember authorising a holiday you can look back and see, which is really cool.
Dan Makin
Vets for Pets - Poole Holes Bay

Keep your team in the loop

Need to update your rota? No problem. RotaCloud gives your practice’s staff 24/7 access to their shifts via our free mobile app, and automatically notifies them if you have to make a change to their schedule.

See notifications & alerts
It’s easy to update the rota when there’s a shift change — everyone gets a notification on their phone.
Natasha Killick
Portland Vets

Free resources for veterinary practices

These resources show you how to resolve common staff scheduling problems — with or without rota planning software.

Join more than 5,000 businesses already using RotaCloud to manage their teams.

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