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Professional security begins with a five-star rota — scheduling the right number of security officers in the right places at exactly the right time.

RotaCloud makes it easy to create, share, and manage rotas for security staff at every location you manage — as well as monitor your team’s clock ins, clock outs, and changeovers from anywhere.

Create & share rotas in minutes

Don’t waste time struggling with spreadsheets — our simple, drag-and-drop shift planner lets you create rotas in minutes, and send them to your security team with a click.

Staff have 24/7 access to their shifts via the RotaCloud mobile app, so they’ll always know where, and when, they’re supposed to be.

Our shift planner
We can see all the distributed teams and where each one shift ends and another one starts.
Ardjan Shero

Manage multiple locations — all from one app

With RotaCloud, you can create rotas for as many sites as you like. Organise your teams by site, colour-code roles, and set up role-specific pay rates.

Your RotaCloud account is 100% web-based, so you can access it from anywhere, effortlessly adding and adjusting schedules in response to your service users’ needs.

Customisation options
The key benefit for us is the Locations feature. It lets us see where everyone is working in an instant, in a simple and easy-to-use format.
Sunny Hall
BN1 Security

Simple, secure clocking in

Forget paper timesheets — with RotaCloud, your guards and door staff clock in and out straight from their phones, with their online timesheets filled in automatically.

You can also set GPS restrictions for each site you manage plus missed clock-in alerts, so you’ll know right away if one of your guards is late for their shift.

Clocking-in with RotaCloud
We can prove the staff are there — that they’ve clocked in within a certain distance of the location and when they’ve left that area.
Derek Laird
Next Level Security Services Ltd
Using RotaCloud has upped our professionalism and also saved us countless hours.

Stay in touch with your team

RotaCloud’s Shift Notes feature makes it easy to share important shift-related info with individual members of your team. Our Memos tool, meanwhile, is perfect for reaching out to multiple employees at once.

Need to make a change to your schedule? RotaCloud will automatically alert team members the moment there’s a change to one of their shifts.

Explore communication tools
It’s made it very simple for our staff to find out what time they start and where they will be working, especially with the app and push notifications.
Sunny Hall
BN1 Security

Know who’s free to work

Our built-in Availability tool lets your staff quickly communicate when they are — and aren’t — free to work, straight through the RotaCloud mobile app.

Availability can be toggled on and off as you plan your rota, helping you schedule shifts with confidence and reduce instances of staff no-shows.

Explore availability
We’re saving about 80 hours a month — just on doing a rota.
Derek Laird
Next Level Security Services Ltd

Free resources for security agencies

Helpful guides for resolving common staff scheduling problems — with or without rota planning software.

Join more than 4,500 businesses already using RotaCloud to manage their teams.

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