Introducing: RotaCloud Pro

Powerful scheduling tools for all-out efficiency

Advanced staff scheduling, labour forecasting, and organisational software to supercharge your business.

Bulk actions

Update thousands of shifts in a few clicks

Make changes to hundreds, or even thousands, of shifts in a matter of seconds — freeing up more time to focus on your business.

  • Cut admin time
    Update entire batches of shifts in seconds.
  • Custom filters
    Filter shifts by role, location, time, employee, and more.
  • Powerful actions
    Apply any of a dozen different actions, such as changing shift roles, times, or locations.
Using filters in RotaCloud to make bulk changes.

Budget caps & labour forecasting

Meet demand & keep costs under control

Add budget caps and expected sales figures into RotaCloud to control labour costs as you plan your shifts.

RotaCloud’s saving us money already. We were spending about 25% of turnover on our wage bill, now it’s down to 19%.
Mark Coaker
Operations Manager at Millers Fish & Chips

Document storage

Staff documents, right at
your fingertips

Securely store your employees’ contracts, appraisal forms, and more right in their RotaCloud profiles — no more digging through your desk drawers.

  • Add files straight from your Mac or PC
  • Upload PDFs, Word documents & more.
  • Access at any time, from anywhere
List of documents in RotaCloud
Examples of automated leave request rules in RotaCloud.

Leave request rules

Bespoke controls to streamline leave requests

Custom rules

Have a shift that’s always busy? Need a minimum number of staff in a particular department? Save everybody’s time by setting up custom leave request rules based on the shift, location, pre-booked holidays and more.

Automated messages

Add a message to your leave request rules so staff know exactly why their requests were turned down — whether it’s due to company policies, an important event, or just needing all hands on deck.

Enforced Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Ensure company-wide security

Enhance the security of your company, staff and their devices by making Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) essential when signing in. It’s quick, simple, and secure.

  • Use apps like Google Authenticator to reveal one-time sign-in codes.
  • Once set up, staff won’t need to repeat the process.
  • Simply toggle the switch to enable or disable Enforced 2FA.
A screenshot of a settings page in RotaCloud, giving the option of enabling two factor authentication, and enforcing it, along with a preview of how to unlock the RotaCloud mobile app using two-factor authentication.
Event logbook in RotaCloud, showing accident, training, and promotion entries.


Record appraisals,
training & more

The Logbook makes tracking and recording key employee information quick and easy. Note down everything from upcoming appraisals and training sessions to license expiration dates and staff commendations — all organised into categories that suit your business.

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