Employee clocking in app

Quick & easy clocking in for busy teams

Record accurate staff attendance data and fill out timesheets with every clock in, clock out, and break taken.

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Staff timesheet showing details of clocking in and out times and break lengths. Clocking in records are flagged where an employee has clocked in early or late.

Tap in, tap out. Clocking in has never been easier.

A shift clock-in prompt on a smartphone screen with green ‘Clock in’ button.

Mobile clocking in

Simple, secure smartphone clock-ins

With the RotaCloud mobile app, staff clock in and out of shifts and breaks in seconds — whether they’re on site or working elsewhere.

Attendance data is logged automatically on your team’s individual timesheets, so you’ll always have accurate records.

Mobile clocking-in restrictions

Peace of mind for managers

  • Location restrictions

    Set up a geofence so you know your employees are clocking in from where they should be.

  • GPS data logging

    Automatically log the locations of clock-ins for staff working in the field, for compliance and record-keeping.

  • Early clock-ins

    Specify whether your team can clock in early — and by how much — so rules are applied consistently across your team.

  • WiFi restrictions

    Need an extra layer of security? Require your staff to be connected to your workplace WiFi before they can clock in.

A street map on smartphone with location dot behind shift details and blue ‘Clock in’ button.

RotaCloud helps with compliance. We can prove the staff are there — that they’ve clocked in within a certain distance of the location.

Derek Laird, Managing Director, Next Level Security

Employee having their
              photo taken on a clocking in terminal with shift details and

Clocking in terminal

Create a fixed clocking in terminal

Turn your existing tablet into a secure clocking-in terminal for your team — no expensive time clocks or fingerprint scanners required.

  • Free tablet app

    The RotaCloud clocking in app is free to download and works with the iPad or Android tablet you already own.

  • Secure PIN entry

    Every employee gets a unique four-digit PIN for clocking in and out.

  • Photo taking

    Turn on photo taking to take a snap of your employees as they clock in and out of their shifts.

Automatic timesheets

Timesheets you can rely on

Your employees’ clocking in data feeds straight through to their individual timesheets.

No messy paper logbooks, no data entry, just accurate, up-to-date employee time data ready for payroll.

An employee timesheet with shift times alongside clock-in times and lateness marked with red triangle.

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