A man and woman sitting at a table in a restaurant, paying for a meal using a terminal

A simple guide to the new laws on tipping

Brooke Curtis 3 min read
Close up photo of a smartwatch displaying 16:47 on a woman's wrist

Time off in lieu (TOIL) explained: A guide for managers

Phil Kendall 8 min read
Close up photo of hand pinning a post-it note to a chaotic pinboard covered with notes

Why not communicating rota changes is bad for business

Phil Kendall & Clea Grady 5 min read
Female professional sitting at a desk covered with papers using a vivid pink calculator

What is the Bradford Factor? A guide for managers [+ calculator!]

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 8 min read
A tabby and white cat stares straight at the camera with a grumpy look on its face and flat-back ears

9 Common Staff Rota Complaints (And How to Avoid Them)

Phil Kendall & Clea Grady 7 min read
Close-up photo of a shop worker holding a debit card reader while a customer makes a payment

The 15 best questions to ask when recruiting for retail staff

Phil Kendall 7 min read
Photo of someone conducting an interview while taking notes on a blue clipboard.

Stay interviews: A simple way to improve staff retention

Phil Kendall 6 min read
Top-down view of a person with an open laptop computer on their lap as two people sit either side of them.

5 reasons why your business needs people management software

Phil Kendall 5 min read
A clear plastic container filled with broccoli with a white plastic fork sticking out of it.

Single-use plastics ban: Q&A for cafes, restaurants & takeaway businesses

Phil Kendall 4 min read
Woman wearing glasses and a light blue shift smiling while reading a paper document.

How to create an employee handbook that people will actually read

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 5 min read
A happy French bulldog wearing a red and green Christmas hat and jumper, against a green background

How to successfully hire seasonal staff this Christmas

Clea Grady 5 min read
A blank day planner notebook open on a white painted tabletop next to a vase with flowers.

Annual leave rules & restrictions: everything you need to know

Anna Roberts & Clea Grady 9 min read

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