A clear plastic container filled with broccoli with a white plastic fork sticking out of it.

Single-use plastics ban: Q&A for cafes, restaurants & takeaway businesses

Phil Kendall 4 min read
Woman wearing glasses and a light blue shift smiling while reading a paper document.

How to create an employee handbook that people will actually read

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 5 min read
A happy French bulldog wearing a red and green Christmas hat and jumper, against a green background

How to successfully hire seasonal staff this Christmas

Clea Grady 5 min read
A blank day planner notebook open on a white painted tabletop next to a vase with flowers.

Annual leave rules & restrictions: everything you need to know

Anna Roberts & Clea Grady 9 min read
Female and male runner wearing red tank tops crouched on an indoor running track.

How to choose between two outstanding candidates: 10 tiebreakers

Phil Kendall & Anna Roberts 7 min read
The gold clock at Grand Central Station in Manhattan, New York City

6 practical tips to improve employee attendance

Anna Roberts & Clea Grady 7 min read
A Scrabble game board with the words 'lead', 'team' and 'succeed' spelled out in beige Scrabble tiles.

Mental health support for business owners and managers

Clea Grady 8 min read
A pair of feet wearing red deck shoes in a canvas hammock with blue sky in the background.

The impact of annual leave on recruitment: Are you giving your staff enough time off?

Phil Kendall 3 min read
Cartoon illustration of two arms putting white paper cards into a voting box

Should it be optional to take leave on bank holidays?

Clea Grady 3 min read
Many people walking across a busy station concourse, some figures blurred due to movement

Beat the backlog: How to avoid the annual leave booking frenzy

Clea Grady 3 min read
Female and male barista facing the camera and smiling in front of a shop

An introduction to employee experience (what it is & why it matters)

Phil Kendall 10 min read
Woman on phone looking at her laptop, which is in the foreground and decorated with stickers

What's it really like being a 'Woman in Tech'?

Clea Grady 11 min read

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