3 challenges hospitality and care industries have in common

Becky Mundie 7 min read

How RotaCloud helps care providers meet the new CQC Standards

Becky Mundie 7 min read
The RotaCloud app dashboard, showing the shift and the 'start break', 'clock out', and new 'start loo break' buttons

New feature: Time Off in Loo (TOIL-ET). Dealing with toilet breaks at work

Becky Mundie 4 min read
A care worker sat beside an elderly patient, touching their wrist in comfort and support

5 steps to meet the new CQC framework: A Care Home Checklist

Becky Mundie 5 min read
Close up photo of a smartwatch displaying 16:47 on a woman's wrist

Time off in lieu (TOIL) explained: A guide for managers

Phil Kendall 8 min read

How to calculate holiday accrual for hourly staff [calculator]

Anna Roberts 2 min read
Female professional sitting at a desk covered with papers using a vivid pink calculator

What is the Bradford Factor? A guide for managers [+ calculator!]

Anna Roberts & Phil Kendall 8 min read
Photo of a bartender wearing a waistcoat and glasses smiling while preparing a cocktail on the bar

5 ways to prepare your hospitality team for peak seasons

Phil Kendall 6 min read

How to calculate staff turnover [+ free online calculator]

Phil Kendall 3 min read
A tabby and white cat stares straight at the camera with a grumpy look on its face and flat-back ears

9 Common Staff Rota Complaints (And How to Avoid Them)

Phil Kendall & Clea Grady 7 min read
An array of brightly coloured interlocking cogs

Grow your business by automating these 7 processes

Phil Kendall 7 min read
Close-up photo of a hand using a calculator

New UK holiday laws: What employers need to know in 2024

Phil Kendall 4 min read

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