Fantastic four: Bevy of new faces join the RotaCloud team

Phil Kendall

Dec 2019 ⋅ 2 min read

It's been a busy couple of months here at RotaCloud HQ — not only did we welcome our first ever developer intern, but we've seen something of a recruitment explosion, with four new staff arriving within just a few weeks of each another!

Rather than spending the best part of our morning taking their individual photos, we felt it would be quicker — as well as a lot less intimidating — to gather our four newbies together for the lovely group shot above. Allow us to introduce: software testers Jennifer and Jonathan (left; right), Android developer Mark (middle-left), and PR manager Brooke (middle-right).

Here's a little bit about each of our new faces:

Bugs, licked

Jennifer joins us from her previous role at professional services company FDM. Here at RotaCloud, she'll be spotting and swatting bugs like nobody's business, as well as putting our apps through their paces before they're released into the wild. In her spare time, Jennifer enjoys choral singing, knitting and reading. She also tells us that she can lick her own elbow — which is definitely something we're keen to see on the next staff night out!

Android: Mark 2.0

Our newest Android developer Mark Sheekey hails from County Durham, and is a keen Sunderland supporter. He's also the second Mark in our mobile app department, so we're going to have to come up with a nickname for him soon. Mark's hobbies include football and cycling, and he tells us that, before he got into the world of app development, he taught English in the Basque Country for an impressive 10 years!

No babbling allowed

Over at the other side of the office, we have Brooke, who'll be taking on the role of PR manager here at RotaCloud. Brooke considers herself an 'adopted northerner' since, despite being born in the south of England, she now calls York her home — where she lives in her self-built house with her two cats. With almost 10 years' experience, Brooke has handled the PR for some of the UK's biggest household brands, and is excited to help RotaCloud make a few headlines of its own.

Massaging the code

Finally, we head back over to our software testing department to meet Jonathan, who's originally from Teeside but made York his home in 2016. Jonathan's hobbies include TV, film, music, and letting off steam at the gym. He's also bona fide deep-tissue masseur, and once even ran his own sports injury clinic — something that might come in handy given the ferocity of our office pool tournaments!

Welcome to RotaCloud, everyone! We're chuffed to have you all on board!

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