Feature Friday - Manager Level, Shift Time Suggestions & Attendance Records

Joel Beverley

Jan 2015 ⋅ 3 min read

It's a new year and for all you RotaCloud admins we've three new features to welcome you in to 2015...

  1. Manager Level
  2. Shift Time Suggestions
  3. Attendance Records
manager in rotacloud

Manager level

RotaCloud now has a three tier system of user functionality, two of which you may already be familiar with:

  • Administrators — get full access to all locations, employee details and rota tools. They can also add/edit client details such as payment information.
  • Employees — only have access to locations which they have been assigned to. They can view, print and export their rotas but cannot make changes to shifts etc. They can change their own personal details but do not have access to other employees’ profiles, nor can they see other sensitive information such as salary and hours worked.

Our newest access level falls somewhere between the two above. We're introducing: Managers.

What can managers see and do?

Managers only have access to locations which they have been assigned to. By default they can build and manage rota - that means they can add and/edit shifts, publish rotas, copy weeks, etc.

Managers also have a number of optional features which you can customise for each manager you assign. These include the ability to:

  • Handle unavailability and shift swap requests
  • Handle leave requests and manually add leave for employees
  • View employee details and add new employees (but only in the locations they have access to).
  • View payroll information (weekly costs and employee salary)

How do I grant an employee manager status and customise their level of access?

To give an employee manager status, go to their personal profile on the Employees page and select 'Manager' in the drop-down menu of the field marked ‘Level’.

Once you have done this, you can customise their level of access by enabling or disabling the optional features mentioned earlier. Simply check the boxes of the setting you wish to enable and hit ‘Save’ at the bottom of the page.

How can this help my business?

If you run a large business across multiple locations then the Manager user level is a great way of segregating your rotas and restricting employee access to the locations they are required to see, and nothing more.

It also gives you more control over what your rota managers have access to, with the ability to hide sensitive data or disable certain features, allowing you to delegate more effectively.

shift time suggestions when adding a shift

Shift Time Suggestions

Keeping up with the RotaCloud ethos of taking mundane and tedious tasks and making them painless, quick, and easy; we have made adding shifts that little bit simpler. Now when inputting your shift times a drop-down menu appears with a handy list of your most commonly used shift periods to choose from.

attendance record in RotaCloud

Attendance Record

*Please note, this feature has been discontinued

What it does

Keep records of staff punctuality with our Attendance tool. Mark how often they are late, sick or absent on the rota and get an overview of their attendance record on each employee’s profile page.

How it works

If an employee is late, doesn’t show up or calls in sick you can make a note of this by clicking on the rota. Click the relevant shift on the rota and you will see a drop labelled Attendance which allows you to mark it as late, sick or absent. Once you have marked the shift accordingly, an icon will display next to the shift time to highlight this on the rota.

Now when you go to that employee’s profile page you will see 3 coloured circles containing numbers which track an employee’s total attendance over the last working year.

Click one of the circles and a pop-up will display detailing the dates and times of these no shows, late days and sick days. On the right-side of the pop-up you will also see a tally of absences under each day of the week. This can help you detect patterns when an employee has repeatedly poor punctuality, say if an employee was frequently late on Mondays.

And that’s it for today - what do you think? Just drop us an email or use the comments section below, we’d love to hear from you! If you’re not already a RotaCloud user, try our 30-day free trial now and test out these features, plus much more! Sign up for free.