Announcing new feature: employee Excuse Generator (Happy April 1st!)

Phil Kendall

Apr 2017 ⋅ 3 min read

There inevitably comes a day in every company’s lifetime when its owners have to hold their hands up and admit to having made a mistake. For us at RotaCloud, today is that day.

Since its inception back in 2014, we’ve worked hard to make RotaCloud the best, most functional and user-friendly cloud-based staff scheduling solution there is.

But, in our continuing quest to make our software better for managers, we’ve been neglecting something very important: the wants and needs of the staff who use RotaCloud every day to check their rotas, request shift-swaps and clock in.

We understand that the people on the ground need RotaCloud to work just as well for them as it does for their managers.

So, to make amends, today we’re adding a brand new feature to RotaCloud that’s just for staff, and is guaranteed to make their lives easier.

Introducing: The Employee Excuse Generator™

Powered by The Excuse Goose, The Employee Excuse Generator™ is a free and easy-to-use tool that makes dodging a pig of a shift a piece of cake.

No longer will you be forced to grin and bear it when your boss ignores your shift requests. Never again will you have to work on a Friday night while all your friends are out having fun. With Employee Excuse Generator™, staff have the power to send their boss a five-star* excuse for not being able to work with just a few taps of their smartphone screen.

It’s our gift to you, the hardworking employees who sometimes just want to kick back and enjoy the bants rather than going to work.

How it Works

To shirk a shift, simply open up the RotaCloud app, select the offending shift your inconsiderate manager has lumbered you with, and then tap the “Unavailable” button.


Previously, you would have then had to go to the trouble of coming up with some weak excuse for not being able to work. But now, our Employee Excuse Generator™ does all the hard work for you!

Simply tap the green button to request an impenetrable get-out clause:


Within just a few seconds, our team of expert blaggers will supply you with a tailor-made excuse — one that’s so strong, your boss will have no choice but to give you the day off, no questions asked!


When your brilliant excuse appears, all you have to do is confirm by hitting the 'Request Unavailability' button to send it to your boss. Then it's just a case of slipping off your pants, grabbing a salty snack, and getting back to that Netflix box-set!

App Update Coming Soon!

The Employee Excuse Generator™ will arrive as an update for the RotaCloud smartphone app later today, April 1st.

If you're desperate to get out of a shift right this very minute, however, then head over to The Excuse Goose, the fantastic site that powers our latest add-on, to generate all the excuses you'll ever need.

Happy slacking!


The RotaCloud Team x

*Terms & Conditions apply. Results of excuses delivered may vary. May cause loss of job, limbs, and irreversible damage to the liver, kidneys, and lungs. Contains nuts.