New feature: The Brexit Button™ [Happy April 1st...]

Phil Kendall

Apr 2019 ⋅ 2 min read

If you’re anything like the majority of the British populous, you’re probably sick of hearing about Brexit by now.

And if you’re a manager or business owner, then you’re probably even more sick of hearing your staff arguing about it.  

That’s why we created the Brexit Button — a brand new feature for RotaCloud customers that's designed to put an end to political disputes and workplace brawls.

We're beginning a phased roll-out of the Brexit Button™ throughout the morning of Monday, 1st April, and it's a completely free addition to your RotaCloud account!

What is the Brexit Button™?

Put simply, the Brexit Button is a quick and easy way to end staff political squabbles by moving shifts around to ensure that Leavers' shifts never clash or overlap with Remainers' shifts.

When you next sit down to plan your rota, simply click the Brexit Button™ and you’ll know in an instant whether you’re about to schedule a trio of hardcore Remainers to work with a crowd of unrelenting Brexiteers.

RotaCloud will then give you the option of moving shifts around to avoid political conflicts, or eliminating the shifts entirely.

Peace at last!

How do I use the Brexit Button™?

From today onwards, your employees will be able to head into their RotaCloud user profile to indicate where they stand on Brexit, choosing from 'Remain', 'Leave', or 'Neither'.

Once they do, you as their manager will then be able to use this information to create a more harmonious work environment, free of shouting matches, effigy-burning, and bareknuckle fist-fights.

For example, while planning your next rota, by clicking the Brexit Button™ and selecting either 'On' or 'Off', your employees’ names will be highlighted with blue (for Remain), red (for Leave), or green (for Neither) on the rota.

RotaCloud will even warn you if you’re about to create a staffing situation that could potentially result in explosive, endless political debates.

Simply click the blue 'Brexit' button to toggle the Leave/Remain filter on or off!


And that's not all! With the new 'Brexit' field in RotaCloud, you can delve into the reports section to find out more.

Want to know whether Leavers or Remainers are more reliable? Use our new Political Attendance and Lateness reports to track which camp is most likely to show up on time.

You can also generate Political Tension Reports™ (PTRs) that highlight days and times where Brexit-induced fisticuffs are most likely to break out. Isn't politics wonderful!

Final Thoughts

We all know the risks of keeping to our own friendly 'bubble', where we aren't exposed to other points of view. But let's be honest: at work, everyone needs to get along. With RotaCloud's Brexit Button™, launching today, April 1st, you can keep that bubble well and truly intact!

WARNING: Making disciplinary decisions based on political beliefs may be discriminatory. RotaCloud does not accept liability for any fines, screaming, rage quits, or tribunals resulting from use of the Brexit Button.