15 Hospitality Blogs Every Hotelier Should Be Reading

Anna Roberts

Jun 2016 ⋅ 6 min read

The blogosphere is filled with a wealth of incredible blogs on every subject imaginable. Unfortunately, for every high quality blog, there are a dozen that don't quite hit the mark.

We've searched for the best hospitality blogs on the net, particularly those with a focus on the hotel industry. There's something for every hotelier in this list, whether you're after the latest news from the hospitality industry, some light-hearted opinion pieces, or an in-depth analysis of the impacts of a recent change to legislation.

Let's get straight down to it: here are some of the top blogs for hoteliers to follow.

News and Opinion


Big Hospitality
Big Hospitality is perhaps the most popular hospitality news website for UK readers. We recommend exploring their columns and 'ask the experts' section if you're looking for some insightful hotel-related opinion pieces.

As with many of the blogs on this list, topics are extremely varied - at the time of writing, the most recent 'ask the experts' columns cover catering for gluten free diets, how chefs can better serve vegans and vegetarians, and how to keep flies away from your business this summer.

Our favourite article: How hotels can tap into the bleisure market.

Hotel Owner
Many hoteliers already use Hotel Owner as a source of industry news, but it's also worth checking out its various columns and blogs. The Editor's blog is only occasionally updated, but there are plenty of other opinion pieces and features to get stuck into.

It's worth bearing in mind that the site requires you to register (for free) to continue reading after you've accessed a certain number of articles - but we'd argue it's worthwhile, as there's a wealth of great content specifically for hoteliers.

Our favourite post: Airbnb vs. the traditional hotelier.

Boutique Hotel News
Boutique Hotel News is an unbeatable source of news and opinion pieces for small hotels. This specialist site may not post as frequently as other news websites, but the quality of content is always high. There are some particularly interesting features on subjects such as the budget boutique hotel sector and how to appeal to millennials.

Our favourite article: The challenges of running a 'dry' hotel.

Hospitality Times
Offering news and industry-specific insights, Hospitality Times is a no-nonsense blog for those who need to keep their finger on the pulse of their industry.

The site updates regularly, making Hospitality Times one to bookmark and visit daily, if not more.

Our favourite article: Cryptocurrency is taking off as a way to pay for those vacation getaways

Topical Analysis and Legislation Changes


Institute of Hospitality
If you want to keep up with the latest legislative changes affecting the hospitality sector, this is the blog to follow. While the blog is a good resource in itself, it also highlights resources that are available to Institute of Hospitality members only.

Recent topics include food allergens, Brexit, and the national living wage.

Our favourite article: Does your hospitality business understand the forthcoming apprenticeship levy?

British Hospitality Association
The British Hospitality Association's blog is a combination of topical blog posts, interviews and advice. The focus is on restaurants, but hoteliers will find plenty of articles to interest them.

There's a good mix of the BHA's own articles and those written by guest bloggers, so the blog features a variety of perspectives from hospitality professionals with different areas of expertise.

Our favourite article: What has changed in hospitality over 100 years?



Hotel Marketing Strategies
Need marketing inspiration for your hotel? Check out this crowdsourced collection of photos, curated by Josiah Mackenzie, which show off some great examples of hotel marketing in action.

Unfortunately, it seems the site isn't being updated any longer, but a delve through the archives is certainly worth your time if you're short of marketing ideas!

Our favourite post: Personalized messages on the mirror by ME at Melia.

Social Hospitality
Social Hospitality is a digital marketing agency run by Debbie Miller, an expert in both social media, the hospitality sector, and where they overlap.

The website features a frequently updated blog packed with content that gives practical digital marketing advice to hotels and restaurants.

Our favourite article: Aside from our guest contribution to Social Hospitality, have a read of 'Take your Facebook video marketing to the next level'.

TripAdvisor Insights
Whilst all the blogs in this list contain valuable insights that could benefit your hotel, the content of this blog could be crucial to the future of your company.

TripAdvisor Insights is the official TripAdvisor blog for business owners. It features case studies of successful businesses, shares tips on how to get the most out of TripAdvisor, and, most importantly, informs readers of changes to TripAdvisor's algorithm or other site features.

Bookmark this blog.

Our favourite article: Changes to the TripAdvisor Popularity Ranking algorithm.

Technology, Recruitment and Other Blogs

laptop tablet and smartphone

Guest Driven
Guest Driven is a mobile 'guest engagement platform' for hotels - and they have a pretty impressive blog, too. The Guest Driven blog is an example of quality over quantity. Recently, articles have only been published once a month, but they usually contain in-depth analysis on a news story or a controversial issue. There are also a handful of infographics to get your teeth stuck into!

Our favourite article: The free hotel wi-fi debate.

Review Pro
Review Pro provides guest intelligence solutions for hoteliers, so as you might expect, their blog focuses on technology for hotels.

If you're after advice and insight on topics such as online reputation management, hotel marketing and improving guest satisfaction, you can't beat Review Pro's blog.

You might also want to check their other resources, which include webinars and guides on almost every hotel technology topic you can think of.

Our favourite article: Instagram for hotels: why to get active and how to be effective.

Horizon Hospitality
Horizon Hospitality are the leading executive search and recruitment company for the hospitality industry in the US, but its blog covers far more than recruitment topics.

Horizon's blog posts are short but sweet - concise writing is something we always value in blogs. While topics aren't explored in a great deal of depth, Horizon's articles are thought-provoking and challenge you to answer questions posed by them - or to find out more.

Our favourite article: Make your hotel appealing to travellers for a day stay.

Little Hotelier
Little Hotelier offer front desk and reservation software for small hotels, guest houses and B&Bs, and the site's Resources section contains a wealth of information for businesses in those categories.

You'll find advice on marketing, property management, trends and technology - including interviews and guest posts from B&B owner-operators.

Our favourite article: Five clever pricing strategies for small hotels.

Just for Fun

Happy person

Not always right
Everyone who has worked in a customer-facing role knows that the customer isn't always right. In fact, they're often wrong. This blog shares examples of some of the hilarious, bizarre and infuriating conversations hotel workers have with guests on a daily basis.

Our favourite post: Wireless, clueless, hopeless, part 25.

How may we hate you?
In a similar vein, 'How may we hate you?' is a Tumblr blog written and curated by two hotel concierges in New York City, sharing some of the weirdest, stupidest and silliest encounters they've had with hotel guests.

As you might expect, some of the content is NSFW!

Our favourite post: That's all a real estate seminar is.

Which hospitality blogs do you follow? Are we missing any of your favourites?

If you're looking for yet more blogs to read, take a look at our lists of brilliant restaurateur and retail blogs.