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September 2015

Key features used

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BN1 Security provides security solutions for numerous venues and events along the south coast of England, with services ranging from door security to close protection and bodyguarding. They have over 20 years experience in the industry and are working to become a leading security provider in the UK.

The challenge

Prior to signing up to RotaCloud, all of BN1 Security’s rotas were written out each week on a whiteboard, at which point staff would be contacted individually to confirm their shifts — a process that was naturally very time-consuming.

“RotaCloud stood out for me the most for its simplicity and ease of use,” said managing director Sunny Hall, who noted that having “many different sites in different locations” was a particular challenge when it came to planning staff rotas.

Using RotaCloud has upped our professionalism and also saved us countless hours.
Sunny Hall
Managing Director

The solution

RotaCloud has reduced BN1 Security’s admin time dramatically, removing the need to contact staff individually to inform them of their shifts, as well as taking the pain out of building the rotas themselves.

“Using RotaCloud has upped our professionalism and saved us countless hours,” Sunny said. “It’s made it very simple for our staff to find out what time they start and where they will be working, especially with the app and push notifications.”

The ability to plan and manage rotas across multiple sites was a particular boon for the team.

“The key benefit for us is the Locations feature, as we have many different sites in different locations. I hadn’t seen this before with other competitors. It lets us see where everyone is working in an instant, in a simple and easy-to-use format. I couldn’t recommend RotaCloud enough.”

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