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With RotaCloud, Sheffield Hallam University’s Sport Operations cut their rota admin by 40+ hours a week








August 2015

Key features used

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Andrew Miller leads Sheffield Hallam University's Sport Operations team, providing opportunities for people to participate in sport across four facilities in Sheffield. The team serve an incredible 4,000 members in both indoor and outdoor facilities across the city, as well as having a central support team located on-campus.

Sport and Recreation Services aims to help students and staff at Sheffield Hallam University to live a more active and healthy lifestyle in addition to supporting the local community in which they are based.

The challenge

Previously, Andrew and his team used an Excel spreadsheet to manage their rotas, trying out a variety of formats and versions in an attempt to find a solution that worked for everyone.

No matter which configuration they tried, however, they kept coming up against the same handful of problems.

“The university holiday system does not provide adequate support for shift workers,” Andrew told us. “The biggest challenges in using a spreadsheet were providing accessibility across all sites, the ability to have transparency on how effective the rota was, and managing holidays.”

What Andrew’s team needed was a system that allowed his entire team anytime, anywhere access to the rota, together with a simple method for requesting, and managing, annual leave.

RotaCloud has reduced our administration time on rotas by 40-50 hours per week.
Andrew Miller,
Sports Operations Manager

The solution

“RotaCloud provides an extremely positive return on investment where we administer all sites on a single platform for a reasonable price,” Andrew said.

“The core functionality of rota management and holidays means that it ticks two key boxes for us when choosing a system.”

Not only that, but RotaCloud has saved Andrew’s team an enormous amount of time when it comes to actually planning their rotas.

“RotaCloud has reduced our administration time on rotas by 40-50 hours per week by allowing staff, once a rota is published, to pick up extra shifts. One of the biggest benefits is that the system is cloud-based so colleagues can log in at home and view or claim shifts – this level of accessibility is fantastic for everyone.”

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