Time and attendance software

Time and attendance software (sometimes called time tracking software or clocking-in software) is an application designed to help managers and business owners record the times that their staff start and finish work each day.

Often used in tandem with staff scheduling software (used to build work rotas), time and attendance software allows managers to keep track of the hours their staff work, as well as to generate accurate payroll reports at the end of a pay period.

Staff whose employers use time and attendance software like RotaCloud clock in and out of their shifts using either a dedicated clocking-in terminal, or via their own mobile phones running an app. These times are then recorded automatically on employees’ individual online timesheets, with any instances of lateness automatically flagged for managers to check before running payroll.

In addition to requiring unique PIN entry to clock in, employers concerned about buddy punching (wherein staff clock in and out for one another to cover up instances of lateness) can also set the clocking in terminal to take a snapshot of their employees when they clock in and out of their shifts.

Online rota software

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