Offboarding describes the steps that are taken when a business and one of its employees are formally separating — this could be as a result of dismissal, resignation, redundancy, or even retirement.

Employee offboarding is usually quite admin-focused, and may includes things like:

  • Collecting any company equipment or uniform from the departing employee
  • Collecting or deactivating any keys or passes in the employee’s possession
  • Deactivating the employee’s company email address or company logins
  • Adjusting the work rota to fill any gaps created by the employee’s departure
  • Conducting an exit interview together with a member of your HR team

In addition to the offboarding process, employee aftercare focuses more on the interpersonal elements of parting ways with a member of your team, with a view to doing so on the best possible terms.

Check out our blog to learn about the benefits of employee aftercare and tips for getting it right.

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