Employee experience

Employee experience (EX) is the sum of all the interactions an employee has throughout their time with a company.

Employers who treat their staff well, and help them achieve a healthy work-life balance by taking their needs and personal circumstances into consideration, are generally considered to offer a “positive” employee experience.

But there are a number of other things that might typically be fall under the banner of employee experience, such as:

  • How a person is welcomed to a business
  • The training and development they receive
  • The company culture and how information is shared
  • Policies put in place to facilitate good mental and physical health
  • Relationship with manager, supervisor, or coworkers
  • The offboarding experience and how the company and employee part ways

With competition for staff fierce across a number of sectors and industries, a positive employee experience is becoming increasingly important to both candidates and existing employees alike.

Check out our blog article to learn more about the importance of creating a positive employee experience at your business.

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