Publishing & Notifying

Rota Planning in RotaCloud

Email Notifications

Keeping your staff up to date with rota changes just got much easier. Whenever you update your rotas employees will be notified automatically via email of the changes that affect them.

SMS Notifications

Send automatic text notifications and your employees will get shift updates straight to their pockets. That way your staff always know when and where they are meant to be.

Monthly Overview

Your dashboard gives you a monthly summary of all, or specific locations. Filter by role to get a quick overview of what your upcoming schedule looks like.

Live Daily Insight

Zoom in on a specific date and you'll get a detailed view of what the day has in store. The timeline lets you see exactly who's working and when, which shifts overlap and where there are gaps in your day.

In-App Notifications

Keep track of shift swaps, unavailability and leave requests with our in-app notifications. Use the menu to quickly navigate to events that require action.

Printing Rotas

The "old-fashioned" paper rota is still an integral part of the workplace. RotaCloud automatically creates high contrast, printer-friendly versions of your rotas.