Employee requests

Managing shift swaps, unavailability requests and more


RotaCloud streamlines employee-manager communication. If an employee is assigned to a shift they can't work, they can submit an unavailability request. The relevant manager will automatically be notified, and can then approve or deny the request in seconds.

Open shifts

Let employees rota themselves by using open shifts. These shifts have start and end times, but aren't assigned to specific employees — qualified staff can claim them on a first come, first served basis, and the rota is automatically updated.

Shift swapping

End scheduling headaches by letting staff organise shift swaps amongst themselves. Employees can ask co-workers for cover and if they want, trade one of their shifts in return. Once the swap is arranged, managers are notified and can approve or deny the request.

Leave requests

Employees can submit their holiday requests directly through RotaCloud. Managers are notified automatically, and can then approve or deny the request with a single click — the employee gets notified of the response.