Building rotas

Rota planning in RotaCloud

Five-minute setup

Getting started is quick and easy. Our guided setup takes you through the process step by step. Add employees, roles and locations, and tailor your rota to suit your business needs.

No installation

RotaCloud is 100% web-based, so there's nothing to download or install. You and your employees can access information anytime, anywhere — all you need is an internet connection.


Create separate rotas for different departments or physical locations — whether it’s your kitchen and front-of-house teams, or separate businesses with their own staff and payroll.

Drag & drop

Moving and duplicating shifts on your rota is as simple as dragging and dropping. Save time reorganising your rotas so you can concentrate on more important things.

Staff roles

Organise your rota by assigning an employee's shift to a role. Each role is colour-coded on your rota so you can quickly spot where staff shortages may occur.

Avoid conflicts

Our system automatically checks to make sure staff are available to work a shift, preventing costly staffing clashes.

Shift patterns

Use rolling shift patterns? Have a set rota that hardly ever changes? Use our advanced copying tools to quickly and easily input shifts weeks and months in advance.