Workforce management software

Workforce management software is defined as an application that facilitates the organisation of staff (the “workforce”) at a group or business. It’s also increasingly known as people management software.

Workforce management software features

The best workforce management software combines various tools and features designed to help businesses run more smoothly, including:

  • Staff scheduling. Create work rosters for staff to ensure high productivity and great customer service.
  • Time and attendance. Tools designed to automatically record when staff start and end their workday, ready for payroll.
  • Budgeting tools. Keep labour costs under control with real-time budget caps and expected revenue to help plan shifts.
  • Absence management. Helps managers keep track of instances of staff running late or failing to show up for their shifts.
  • Holiday management. Process leave requests and record employees’ used and remaining annual leave allowances.
  • Reports. Quickly gather data on everything from employee attendance to revenue and labour costs.
  • Document storage. Securely store important company and employee documents such as contracts and certificates.
  • Communication tools. Send important memos and notify staff of important updates and changes to their work schedule.

The benefits of workforce management software

There are a number of benefits to using workforce management software over more traditional methods of managing teams such as paper rotas or communicating via email, including:

Time savings. Workforce management software like RotaCloud streamlines many of the repetitive, time-consuming admin tasks that managers typically have to deal with. This leaves them with more time to focus on managing their teams and providing quality service to customers.

Reduced labour costs. Labour costs are one of a business’ biggest overheads. Workforce management software helps managers schedule staff more efficiently, significantly reducing labour costs without impacting customer satisfaction levels.

Lower staff turnover. Workforce management software provides employees with 24/7 access to their rotas and timesheets, as well as a central portal for them to request annual leave — all of which contributes to a better employee experience and reduces the likelihood that they’ll look for work elsewhere.

Better business decisions. Workforce management software provides managers with a plethora of reports and staffing information, helping them spot opportunities for growth and back up decisions with reliable data.

Online rota software

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