Timekeeping software

Timekeeping software is an application used by employers to record the hours their staff work. It logs the hours they start and finish work, when they take breaks, and even keeps a record of instances of employee lateness or overtime.

Timekeeping software is also known as time tracking software, time and attendance software, or sometimes just clocking-in software.

How timekeeping software works

Timekeeping software usually pairs with, or is a built-in feature of, staff scheduling software. Where scheduling software helps managers plan and distribute shifts, timekeeping software provides managers with an accurate record of the hours their staff actually work.

Staff whose employers use timekeeping software clock in and out of their shifts using either their own mobile phones running a dedicated staff app, or via a fixed terminal running clocking-in software.

Whenever they clock in, out, or take a break, the timekeeping software automatically keeps a log of the exact time this took place and adds it to the employee’s individual timesheet, which is stored securely online for them and their manager to see, with any instances of lateness or absence automatically highlighted.

At the end of the pay period, the manager or business owner can export this attendance data as a report telling them exactly how much to pay each of their employees based on their actual worked hours.

Benefits of using timekeeping software

Under UK law, employers are required to keep a record of the hours their employees work.

But there are are numerous other benefits to using timekeeping software, including:

  • Accurate payroll. With timekeeping software, employers no longer have to manually enter the hours their staff have worked, meaning fewer mistakes and less time spent on admin.
  • Reduced time theft. Buddy punching, which is when staff clock in and out for one another, is much harder when using timekeeping software like RotaCloud, since staff are given unique four-digit PINs, and managers can even enable photo-taking and geo-fencing for clock-ins.
  • Spot problems & opportunities. With accurate attendance data at their fingertips, managers can more easily see where they might benefit from additional — or even reduced — staffing on certain shifts, or where intervention might be required to nip employee lateness in the bud.

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