Time theft

Time theft is defined as when an employee is paid for time that they didn’t actually spend working but might have given the impression that they did — for instance, time spent on non-work-related activities, chatting with colleagues, or even when they’re not physically present (but have given the impression that they were).

Time theft is known as timesheet fraud when an employee intentionally falsifies information on their timesheet to give the impression that they worked more hours than they actually did.

This type of time theft is much more common at businesses where employees self-report their hours using paper timesheets or punch cards which can easily be passed between staff (a practice commonly known as buddy punching).

Modern clocking in solutions like RotaCloud make time theft of this kind much less likely since staff clock in and out using their own unique four-digit PIN. Managers also have the option to take a snap of their staff when clocking in, or restrict clock-ins to geographical locations.

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