Staff scheduling software

Staff scheduling software — also known as employee scheduling software and rota planning software — is software designed to make creating, sharing, and managing work schedules quick and easy.

The best staff scheduling software is web-based, meaning that it can be accessed from a variety of desktop or mobile devices such as laptops, mobile phones, and tablets, without the need to download or install large applications.

As well as helping managers create work schedules, modern staff scheduling software also includes tools and features that streamline a number of common business management processes, helping managers reclaim more of their workday, as well as making life easier for their staff.

Best staff scheduling software features

The tools and features including in staff scheduling software vary from platform to platform, but the best staff scheduling software will include features such as:

Staff scheduling software has come to be relied on by staff and managers working in a variety of different industries, from hospitality, to retail, to healthcare and IT & comms and more.

As well as making life easier for management teams, businesses that make use of staff scheduling software like RotaCloud report increased employee productivity, reduced lateness, and even reduced staff turnover — all of which suggest that employees value working for businesses that provide them with a positive employee experience and tools that help them achieve a true work-life balance.

Online rota software

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