Staff holiday booking system

A staff holiday booking system is a way for employees at a business to request or book time off (also known as annual leave), and for their managers to process and log instances of leave in such a way that there’s as little disruption to the business as possible.

In the past, staff holiday booking systems were fairly low-tech affairs and as such prone to mix-ups and errors: staff would usually approach their manager or fill out a holiday request form asking if they could take a certain day (or days) off. They would then have to rely on their manager to record the details of their request, and to remember not to schedule them to work during those particular dates when they eventually rolled around.

Details would often be missed, dates mixed up, and holidays not recorded correctly, leading to businesses being over or under staffed, and employees being (understandably) irritated that the days they’d booked off had been forgotten about.

Modern staff holiday booking systems are much more sophisticated, and are a common feature of people management software or staff scheduling software.

Staff whose employers use RotaCloud, for example, can check their remaining or accrued annual leave anytime they like via the staff mobile app. From there, they can request the date or dates they’d like to take off, and send their leave request directly to their manager, who in turn will receive a notification via their own RotaCloud account.

Managers can then compare the leave request against the rota, and either approve or deny the employee’s request. Approved holiday requests are added to the rota automatically, and the employee’s remaining leave allowance adjusted accordingly, saving them the hassle of manually updating records.

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