Rota app

A rota app is a mobile or web-based application that’s used to plan, manage, or keep track of staff or workplace rotas. It’s also referred to as “rota planning software”, “rostering software” or, where HR tools are included, “people management software”.

As well as helping managers and business owners plan and share rotas quickly, rota apps are incredibly valuable for employees, too, allowing them to keep track of their upcoming shifts, timesheets, accrued and booked annual leave, and even arrange shift swaps with other members of staff — all of which helps to improve the overall employee experience at a business, which is shown to reduce staff turnover and make recruitment easier.

The RotaCloud employee app, for instance, lets staff do things like:

  • Check their rotas anytime, anywhere.
  • Clock in and out of shifts.
  • Request annual leave.
  • Mark their availability to work.
  • Arrange cover and shift swaps with other staff.
  • Receive memos and updates from their manager.

The best rota apps also include things like real-time budgeting, labour forecasting, reports, and employee document storage, offering a one-stop solution for managers who have teams of hourly and shift-based workers to look after.

Online rota software

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