A relatively new workplace term, “resenteeism” describes a situation where an employee stays in their job despite actively resenting it.

Not to be confused with presenteeism, an employee who is experiencing resenteeism will continue to come to work as normal, but will often do little to hide the fact that they dislike it and/or their employer.

Over time, this negativity can impact both morale and the culture of a business, and may even be picked up on by customers and service users.

The causes of resenteeism can vary from person to person and from business to business, but common symptoms may include altered mood or conduct, reduced levels of enthusiasm, deterioration in work quality, employees feeling trapped or frustrated at work, and a gradual slide into lateness.

Left unchecked, resenteeism can result in higher-than-normal employee turnover and can even impact your ability to attract new hires. Check out our blog for tips on spotting resenteeism at your business and how to prevent it.

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