People management software

People management software (sometimes called workforce management software) is software or a program designed to facilitate the management of staff at a business or organisation.

As its name suggests, people management software tends to incorporate people-focused or HR tools in addition to scheduling and attendance tools.

Features frequently found in people management software include:

  • Rota planning. The scheduling of and distribution of shifts to be worked by staff. Rotas are accessible online anytime, anywhere, and are shared via an app. Staff also receive notifications about any changes to their schedule automatically, reducing lateness and no-shows.
  • Time & attendance. The recording and storage of employee clocking in data. In and out times are logged automatically and stored securely online for managers to track, with any anomalies automatically flagged.
  • Holiday management. In addition to providing a record of any booked annual leave and remaining holiday, people management software like RotaCloud allows staff to request leave via a mobile app, simplifying the process for both them and their managers.
  • Absence management. Allows managers to keep track of instances of staff running late or failing to show up for shifts, helping them to spot problems early and have data to refer to when making decisions.
  • Availability tools. Employees can mark any periods when they are and aren’t available to work, or express a preference for particular shifts, helping managers build rotas that are less likely to require revisions later on, and provide a better overall employee experience.
  • Labour cost controls. Budgeting tools are baked into people management software like RotaCloud, and allow managers to plan rotas with real-time labour cost data, as well as set budget caps on a company-wide or per-site basis.
  • Reports. Advanced people management software lets managers quickly generate detailed reports for things like labour costs, staff lateness, annual leave usage, disparities between scheduled hours and hours worked, and more.
  • HR tools. Employee and company document storage, employee profiles, online logbook for accidents and important dates such as training, and audit trails for compliance and liability

People management software like RotaCloud is accessible via either a web browser or dedicated mobile app. Unlike when installing software to a workplace computer, this means that there is only ever one, single source of truth for shift and company data, reducing confusion while helping businesses run more smoothly.

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