HR software

HR software is designed to streamline, and in some cases automate, a variety of HR and people management processes. HR software helps managers organise their teams and perform traditionally time-consuming human resources tasks quickly and easily.

Examples of tools that you might find in HR software include:

  • Document storage. Allows the secure storage of digital copies of important docs and files for each employee, or for the entire organisation.
  • Annual leave management. Records of employees’ booked, used, and remaining annual leave
  • Employee profiles. Contain staff name, contact, and address information, as well as wage rates and holiday allowance.
  • Logbook. Used to record important past and future events, such as appraisals, awards, or workplace accidents at your business.
  • Self-service time-tracking. Staff have their own individual timesheets, with records updated automatically as they clock in and out of shifts.

Online rota software

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