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RotaCloud brings your team’s rotas, holidays and timesheets together in one simple app.

They get the information they need, you get to stay focused on your business.

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The RotaCloud app on a mobile device showing four employees, their roles, and shift times.

Cut your admin time and empower your staff with the free RotaCloud mobile app.

Employee app features

Self-service tools for your team

The RotaCloud mobile app is packed full of features built to make life easier for both you and your staff.

Shift info

Check shifts on the go

Your team’s rotas are accessible anytime, anywhere, so they’ll always know when they’re next in — no more phone calls or chaotic WhatsApp groups.

Shift updates

Push notifications let your staff know the moment their rota’s ready or if there’s been a change to the schedule.

Pick up open shifts

Someone called in sick? Mark a shift as open and the RotaCloud app will tell all eligible staff there’s a shift up for grabs.

Swaps & holidays

Request holiday

Staff can check their remaining holiday allowance whenever they like, and request time off with a few taps.

Shift swapping

Staff can organise shift swaps between themselves — subject to your approval — saving you the hassle of finding cover.

Set availability

Staff can let you know their availability via the app, reducing conflicts and helping you build a rota that works for everyone.

Clocking in & timesheets

Mobile clocking in

Staff can clock in and out of their shifts using their own mobile phones — with optional GPS and IP restrictions.

Automatic timesheets

The Timesheets tab shows your staff precisely when they clocked in, out, and took their breaks.

Calendar sync

RotaCloud feeds shift info through to your employees’ personal calendars, making it easier for them to plan their free time.

Support & personalisation

In-app help & support

Your staff have access to hundreds of self-service guides and help articles, right from within the RotaCloud app.


Staff can choose from push, email, and SMS notifications — whatever works best for them.

Fully customisable

You're in control

Prefer your staff not to swap shifts? Don’t need mobile clocking in? No problem!

RotaCloud is fully customisable, so you decide which features your team can, and can’t, use.

A notifications settings screen in RotaCloud with toggles for email, push, SMS notifications and a blue Save button.

Get the app

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The RotaCloud staff rota app is available for both iPhone and Android smartphones, and is completely free to use.

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