Customer story: Nonna's Pizza

RotaCloud helps Nonna's Wood Fired Pizza deliver the perfect slice of service to customers








June 2016

Key features used

Holiday management Labour cost tools Rota planning

Nonna's Wood Fired Pizzas have been in business since 2016. The family-owned pizzeria has since expanded to two branches in Derry, and is famous for its wood-fired pizza made with the finest ingredients.

The challenge

Owner of Nonna's Pizza, Darren Bradley, knew that he’d need an efficient rota system as soon as the business opened.

“As business owners, we aren’t always on site, so needed a way of tracking our staffing levels and costs remotely,” Darren explained.

With a technology background, Darren knew that a cloud-based rota system was essential to fulfilling this requirement.

Staff can easily book time off and our drivers can mark availability, so we are always able to deliver perfect levels of service to our customers.
Darren Bradley

The solution

“Traditional labour scheduling packages just weren’t up to scratch,” Darren explained. “RotaCloud means we don’t need to have any software installed on a PC in the pizzeria. The RotaCloud mobile app is so simple to use and keeps us on top of everything.”

Darren’s team also use RotaCloud to keep track of staffing costs, leave, and employee availability.

“We can easily see if we’re over or understaffed, and staff can also book time off through the app. Our drivers mark their availability, so we’re always able to deliver perfect levels of service to our customers.”

“Staff scheduling is done in minutes!”

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