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Flux Piercing’s Claire Jesse on how RotaCloud slashed the time it takes to plan staff rotas




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April 2015

Key features used

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Open seven days a week and with seven members of staff, Flux Piercing Ltd is a specialist body piercing studio and jewellery and lifestyle products retailer. They operate one main store, but also have an office and manage two websites.

Flux Piercing have been in business for more than 16 years, and pride themselves on providing expert advice and stocking jewellery and lifestyle products from all around the world.

The challenge

Flux Piercing’s Claire Jesse talked to us about the challenges they’d faced prior to using RotaCloud.

“We used to use a calendar template as the basis for our rota, which then had to be printed out and every member of staff had to have a copy,” Claire said. “If any changes were made, all staff had to be told so that copies could be adjusted, and sometimes this led to mix ups.”

Keeping track of numbers was also proving to be an issue with the previous system.

“Staffing hours and wages were worked out separately in Excel which was tricky, and a diary was kept of any staff coming in late or needing time off. This was then all correlated at the end of the month for the payroll which was not an easy task — especially as the number of staff and shifts grew!”

RotaCloud has made a big difference in the time that it takes to compile the monthly rota and then in the way we manage any changes during the month.
Claire Jesse
Flux Piercing

The solution

RotaCloud’s ease of use was one of the first things that jumped out at Claire.

“The layout of RotaCloud was easy to understand and not too complicated to look at. It had all of the features we needed without being too difficult to use. My staff can all access it online and we can all ensure we have matching rotas and know when we are next scheduled to work. And all for a reasonable amount of money.”

Claire also remarked upon on how quick RotaCloud made planning and managing her staff rota compared with her old way of doing things.

“RotaCloud has made a big difference in the time that it takes to compile the monthly rota and in the way we manage any changes during the month,” she told us. “The apps are great and all my staff are using them to access their rota wherever they are.”

“They can also see how much annual leave they have left at any moment before they even put in their leave request to me.”

Finally, Claire praised the RotaCloud support team for their speedy responses to any questions she had while getting set up with the new system.

“We have been very impressed with RotaCloud and the online support is second to none with our questions usually being answered within a few minutes! Many thanks for a fantastic product!”

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