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Curves franchise owner reduces costly human errors by swapping spreadsheets for RotaCloud








October 2013

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Curves is a women-only fitness club operating a franchise model worldwide originating in Harlington, Texas, in 1992. Today, there are more than 5,000 clubs around the world. Sally Peacock, who joined RotaCloud in October 2013, is an owner of two.

The challenge

“We are a facility specially designed for women, offering exercise, meal plans and coaching all in one place,“ owner Sally Peacock told us. “My two franchises operate as separate businesses as they are quite a distance apart, which means that much of the planning and logistics has to be done remotely.”

Before making the switch to RotaCloud, Sally and her team would draw up their rotas using spreadsheet software, saving the file online. Despite being saved in the cloud, however, this approach still led to problems.

“[The spreadsheets] took a lot of input and were prone to human error,” Sally explained. “We had no efficient way of managing holidays and availability, and budgeting was fairly laborious.”

“I also found that, despite being on the cloud, when changes were made they had to be done in several different versions as managers had printed versions and holidays recorded in their diaries.“

RotaCloud has given us the discipline to keep things centralised, it’s given us control and allowed staff to be far more invested in the businesses.
Sally Peacock
Franchise Owner

The solution

“RotaCloud has given us the discipline to keep things centralised, it’s given us control and allowed staff to be far more invested in the businesses,“ Sally told us. “They can easily see the role they play in making sure we are staffed adequately to provide a high level of service to our members.”

Communication, too, became much easier once Curves switched to RotaCloud.

“I don’t have to ring round or message people to see who’s available for certain shifts — [with RotaCloud] I can either set them as ‘open’ to be claimed, or allocate them and the staff can either accept it or request unavailability.”

“I’ve also found staff are far more forward planning of their holiday which really helps us to be organised,” she added.

“I absolutely love the fact they can swap shifts, this reduces my workload and ensures they take responsibility for the commitments they’ve made and find their own replacements.”

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