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September 2016

Key features used

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Adventure Golf Island is an adventure golf complex situated in Fife, Scotland. They have two 18-hole courses: one outdoors, the other enclosed within Europe’s first pirate themed indoor mini golf dome.

The challenge

Before switching to RotaCloud, owner Matthew Corrie and his team planned their rotas on a spreadsheet, which would then be sent to employees via email.

“A lot of time was spent contacting staff to find out their availability and trying to organise a functional rota,” Matthew told us. “If changes had to be made, it often led to confusion as updated rotas were having to be emailed for a second or third time.”

“This occasionally led to staff members following an older version by mistake — it was also difficult to keep track of hours worked when the rota was constantly being changed and required management to spend additional time calculating pay.”

We tried several pieces of rota planning software, but none of them compared to the ease of use and functionality of RotaCloud.
Matthew Corrie,

The solution

In urgent need of a rota-planning solution, Matthew tried out a handful of services and applications. Ultimately, however, he settled on RotaCloud.

“We tried several pieces of rota planning software, but none of them compared to the ease of use and functionality of RotaCloud,” Matthew told us.

“Staff are now able to view the rota online or on the phone app in real-time, with instant notification of changes. They can also post unavailability and request holidays.”

“Hours worked for each employee are added up automatically,” he continued, “which helps reduce time spent calculating wages and helps with monthly budgeting. Organising the rota is now less time-consuming and easier for management.”

Finally, Matthew had a few words of praise for the RotaCloud team. “The team at RotaCloud is fantastic and we wish them all the best in the future.”

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